Welcome to Building a House of Love! 
 I am so glad you have stopped by to get to know me and follow my fun little blog!

1985. I was born in Texas in December.

2001. Moved to NW Arkansas.

2003. Graduated high school in May.

2007. Had my first baby, Tryp, in December. 

2008. Discovered the world of blogging.

2010. Met Hank in January. (On a blind -group- date!)

2010. I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education in May.
2010. Started my first teaching job, 6th Grade Social Studies, in August.

IMG_6169c2010. Got married in October. Positive pregnancy test on Thanksgiving!

2011.  Along came baby number two...Audrey was born in July. 

2011.  Wanted to be a stay at home mom but missed teaching. Started my second teaching job, 4th Grade, in October.

2012.  Started my photography business in July.

2012.  Got a teaching job closer to home! Woohoo! Started teaching 3rd Grade in August.

2013.  Joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in May.

2014.  Moved from one school to another in August.

2015.  Moved back to the other school, now teaching 2nd grade in July. Living & loving life with a passion.

About me...
I am stubborn, impatient, and tend to be a perfectionist. I love structure, schedules, and planning. I always have a to-do list and a want-to-do lists that are never ending. I usually have too much on my plate at one time but wouldn't have it any other way. (Myers Briggs personality- ESTJ- me to a T)

What about the things that I absolutely LOVE?! 
In no particular order…
Family. Friends. Blogging. Photography. Summertime. Motherhood. Working out. Baking. My faith. Being pregnant. Swimming. Laughing. Love. Hearing my babies laughing. My husband in uniform. Shopping. Fonts. Sweets. Authentic Mexican food. Laughing till I cry. Reading. Learning. Beaches. Laying out. Watermelon. LIFE.

I started this blog to document the happenings of my little family but then it turned into a place where I could write about my journey as a mother, a wife, a teacher, and Latter Day Saint. I am living this life and building our house of love.