I decided sometime in February that we were going to take a Disney trip during our schools' May Intersession. We finished our countdown on Saturday April 23rd and I surprised the kids with their Disney goodies for the looonnnggg car ride.

Then at 8 pm we we were ready to hit the road. I had to try out the new selfie stick. 

We got in the car and headed out. I was hoping the kids would fall asleep within an hour since it was already passed their normal bedtime of 7 pm. I was so wrong. I know it was mostly the excitement of the trip keeping them awake but they had a really hard time getting comfortable in the car. Our first stop was Navarre, FL. Only 12 hours away. 

Hank was such a trooper. This was about 6 am and we were only an hour away from Navarre. Look how exhausted he looks! We were able to do our 12 hour drive in about 11 hours including gas/pee break stops. 

We finally made it to Navarre at 7:20 am and had breakfast at IHOP. The kids were able to sleep in the car so look at those smiley faces. I slept in the car too but it was in 1-2 hour spurts so I didn't feel completely rested. After breakfast we headed to our hotel to catch a few hours of sleep. 

Beach Day coming next!



The new year brought on many new things in January.
Tryp turned 8 in December so he was finally able to join the Cub Scouts at church.

My friend Rissa had a baby shower to celebrate her sweet baby boy.

We spent many of our January weekends just eating PB & J and building legos.
I enjoyed a fun night playing Bunco with some teacher friends from AGE. I had the most Bunco’s so I won $15!
We even had some not so great things happen in January.
I mangaged to get strep throat some how. I haven’t had strep in over a year which speaks volumes about how taking probiotics truly does help keep good bacteria in your system. Preparing for substitute teachers is no fun.
Then, Tryp got strep throat too. I was at work when Hank called me to tell me that Tryp had a seizure while waiting on his meds from the pharmacy at Walmart. He rode in the ambulance to the hospital to get checked out. Turns out that he had a febrile seizure that was caused from being sick. Poor guy.
I am grateful that my sweet boy was okay!
And I am grateful for all the little things that life brings.