Open House 2014-2015


It’s finished! Open House was Tuesday from 4-6 pm and I met almost all of my 19 students!
(I shouldn’t say that too much because I might jinx that low number.)
So I thought I would give a little run down of how I do Open House and what is in my folders on my student desks.
First up, I like to provide some little treat. Last year I did a pencil and the kids didn’t seem as excited about it. Ha. So this year I decided to give them gum. You can find the free printable HERE made by The Happy Teacher.
2014-07-30 15.56.13
I loved using folders last year to keep all that paperwork organized! The things in the “Fill Out and Leave” side include all documents from the school that must be signed (emergency card, health forms, etc.) but I also include some of my goodies.
2014-07-30 15.56.23
The first document I like to include is the Volunteer Sign Up sheet. There are so many different ways to have volunteers come and help in our school so I like to see right up front who is willing. One year, I had SO many that wanted to be homeroom mom that I actually had to choose just a couple. That was so hard because some got their feelings hurt. Last year, no one really wanted to be homeroom mom but they marked a number that showed me that they “didn’t mind” so I put together a small group and they worked together wonderfully! You never know what your group of parents are going to be like. Some stay home more than others and some are single parents who work many hours but I like to give the option to everyone to help in some way if they want.
2014-07-30 15.56.33
The next form I LOVE to use each year is this parent survey. I did not create this! Someone else did and she created all grade levels but I can’t remember where I found it! If you know please let me know so I can include the link.
2014-07-30 15.56.47
On the “Take Home and Read” side there are also TONS of school documents (the yearly calendar, the handbook, common core documents, etc.)
2014-07-30 15.56.56
I like to include a sheet that tells all about me. I borrowed this wonderful idea from Cara Carroll. I also made a template that you can use to create your own HERE. (Sorry the turquoise color stays the same in the template)
2014-07-30 15.57.13
I also LOVE using a program that used to be called Remind 101 but now it’s called Remind. So I always include a little “how to” start receiving the class text messages. I have an explanation in my parent brochure that tells what it is for but my parent brochures didn’t make it home for open house so I’m sure the parents have no idea what this is for right now but they will soon. :)
2014-07-30 15.57.17
I have signs posted for my parents when they come in so they know what to do.
2014-07-30 15.57.372014-07-30 15.57.412014-07-30 15.57.442014-07-30 15.57.49
Steps 4 and 5 were on a back table in my room because my front table didn’t have enough room so these stations got overlooked easily so I had to keep giving reminders as they were completing the steps.
2014-07-30 15.58.06
I had about 9 sticky notes out requesting things like white copy paper, Clorox wipes, Kleenex, and dry erase markers. All are gone but one. :)
2014-07-30 15.58.10
I loved leaving a little gift for the parents this year! I've never done this before and I think it was a big hit! Only a couple of bags were left. :) You can get the free "popping in" printable HERE.
2014-07-28 19.06.14
Open House was a huge success! I will be posting classroom pictures soon so come back soon!


  1. This post was very helpful. We have our open house in about 2 weeks. I really like the parent survey about the child. You can learn so much from a student that way! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Pictures make everything better :)

    Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans

    1. Hi Katie! I'm so glad this post was helpful to you! I wish I would have known more about how to make Open House run smoothly when I first started teaching! :) I guess that's how we learn, right? I love the parent survey because they often give those little bits of information that can sometimes take a while for us to learn about our students. Good luck at your open house in two weeks! Let me know if you have any questions! :)


  2. Nice job. We are having ours soon. I am excited to meet my new kiddos. I am going to steal some of your ideas. I am wanting to change things up some this year, and you have definitely given me some ideas.

    1. Hi Sara! Thank you! Feel free to steal! We teachers have to work together to make things easier! :)