2014-2015 Classroom Reveal


The night before school started I had everything ready to go as I was leaving school at 9 PM I remembered to take pictures! So please excuse some of the pretty poor quality pictures. I shot them in auto *gasp* and used my flash too. Sorry, it was late and I didn’t have time to mess with settings. :)

Here is my bulletin board outside my classroom door for student work! I used Schoolgirl Style’s By the Sea Theme. My mom cut out the waves from blue glitter paper from Hobby Lobby. I love the crabs! They are so cute!
I love this sign that I made that says “this way to the beach”. The turquoise frame was actually a mirror that I think I purchased at either Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart. The mirror broke in it’s travels to school so I used the outer part as a frame. I really think that my room could use more details that make it feel more like a beach but every year I add a little something. It takes time. 
This is the view from my door. It’s not that yellow inside, it’s the lighting.
To the left I have a bookshelf that I put a turquoise sheet on, red chevron border, glitter clothespins (attached with command hook sticky backs) and then clipped on some cute starfish from Schoolgirl Style. I will use these clips to hang wonderful work from students.
To the right I have my dry erase calendar which I  moved from the back white board to the front. I will use it to put all events that the students need to know. You can purchase your own sticky dry erase calendar HERE on Amazon. I also have my schedule cards from Ladybugs Teacher Files but I don’t have my times/clocks up yet because our schedule literally changed that day. Below the calendar I have a sign that says “we are happy to help” and then I usually put up two pictures of my students. (a boy helper and a girl helper) I used to use a big ole’ job chart but I don’t anymore because it was too much to manage.
My white board continues on and you’ll see my alphabet which I’m thinking about going back to my previous alphabet. I also have my finger rules posted.
Straight ahead is my desk.
My walls seem really bare but we create a lot of anchor charts! 
The lighting is so much better in this picture below! This is what it really looks like. That is our library to the left.
Another picture of our library.
I got this rod and the two baskets from IKEA. It hold our new iTouch, which is actually my old iPhone 4. (the other cup has the plug)
Here is a peek inside my library. I love it this year because I finally created book bin labels that I LOVE. I keep a yellow stool on the bottom shelf so the students can use it to turn of the lamp and Christmas lights. The black bins on this shelf contain all pictures books. The clear bins on top are chapter books.
The clear bins on top of this shelf are chapter books but the white bins on the bottom are all picture books. (except for Historical Fiction, it’s a mix of both)
The books on the stool still need to be put into bins! I LOVE LOVE buying books for my classroom so I always have books that need to be put into bins! Don’t mind the empty frames on the shelf! I just got my first Groove Book order in and plan on taking some of the pictures out to put into the frames.  This shelf houses all pink bins which are also chapter books.
The blue cart was provided to each classroom by our district with a mix of books in it. I have sorted all my books so that the only books on this cart are nonfiction.
This white board in the back has our class Brownie Points pan. The students can fill the brownie pan with brownies and get class parties/rewards. You can read more about Brownie Points at What the Teacher Wants. I also created a Lunch Count “station” out of black electrical tape and black vinyl cut out letters using a Cricut. The numbers 1-4 and lunch count were cut out of glitter paper (also using the cricut).
I bought 1 1/2 inch wooden circles, created the circles in PowerPoint and then hot glued them onto the wood. They look a little wavy and that’s because I didn’t take the time to laminate them before gluing them on. I just didn’t have time! :) Then I put a magnet on the back. I bought the magnets from Wal-Mart that have a sticky back.
I love my back counter area. I have this really awesome orange bulletin board! (It’s not paper!) I love my new colorful drawer labels. I got them HERE. Students turn in box tops into the pink pail.
Here is my small group table and my stacks of copies (aka MESS) on the counter. I love my new stools! I got them from IKEA. I think they were $4.99 each and shipping wasn’t bad at all!
I bought these new FUN orange chairs online at Wal-Mart. These seats are reserved for my helpers of the week. This carpet is also light green even though you can’t tell in this picture.
Here is the area behind my desk. I moved my desk back as far as I could so that I’m utilizing as little space as possible!
I like for things to be as organized as possible!
Behind my desk I have a sub tub and this three drawer unit that I also purchased from IKEA. The top drawer houses my favorite read alouds I use each year and the second drawer houses all my sticky notes. I haven’t found a use for the third drawer yet but I’m sure I will soon. I like to keep my pacing guides binder and data of my students within close reach. I also have a small addiction to sharpies and keep that tub full of them.
I keep my year at a glance and reading levels charts close by. Along with a picture of the temple. It helps me keep an eternal perspective on life and to remember that my little sweeties are children of God.
I bought another three drawer unit, in this I keep notebook paper for the students, markers for group projects, and sticky notes for Park It’s. Looking at that filing cabinet up close is telling me that I have a future painting project.
This year I’m trying something new. Each table has a shelf that has drawers for pencils, blue pens for revising, red pens for editing, and glue sticks. There are also five white boards on the shelf for each member of the table. The second shelf has math toolboxes and writing notebooks. The third shelf holds their book boxes.
I have some other things that I want to share in more detail but this is just the overview of my classroom. I hope you enjoyed a little tour around the place that I spend a majority of my time in. I like clean, fresh, simplicity, and organization. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your classroom is gorgeous! Look wonderful and your kiddos will LOVE it! They are lucky to have you as a teacher! :)


  2. Thank you so much Mrs. Davies!!! You are too sweet! I put my all into getting my classroom to be the perfect place for my kiddos and me!