Summer Bucket List {for the Classroom}


Two years ago I did a Summer Bucket List post and it is one of my most popular posts! I figured that I would do an “updated”  Summer Bucket list for this year. *All pictures are linked to the blog/post that they were found at.*
This next school year {which starts in, ahem, less than a month} I am going to do group shelves. I will be using black shelves like the picture on the left so I will keep their book bins on the bottom shelf, writing notebooks on the middle shelf and then a supplies drawer like the one in the picture on the right. I’m going to keep pencils in the top drawer, glue sticks in the middle drawer, and scissors in the bottom drawer. Scissors and glue are the two things I do NOT want them to keep in their own supply bags/boxes in their desks.

I love posting learning targets this way! I definitely think it draws more attention to them!

I often have a couple of anchor charts laying around as I start to switch them out and I think this storage solution would be perfect!

Another anchor chart related idea…I’m so tired of wasting mavalous tape or using sticky tack to hang anchor charts. I want to start putting them on a rings and then on a curtain rod! Love it!

I have always used these three drawer boxes to have students turn their work in but my labels are kind of boring and I think my drawers need these cute and fun labels! Or I might just have to make my own because I like to have a language drawer…
***EDIT: I just asked the seller of these labels and they are editable!! I bought them as soon as I found out! You can buy your copy HERE.***

Okay, so that’s a good list to get me started. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of other things to add to it soon.


  1. Love the bookshelves and target board (*wink, wink*)....thanks for the mention :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE your room!! You are my go to blog for an organized (and cute) classroom! Thanks! :)

  3. Love all these ideas! I wanted to have the bookshelves in my classroom too, but I tried it and mine is too small for it. I do love the idea though.