“Meet the Teacher” Hand Out


About four years ago I discovered educational blogs and fell in love. The First Grade Parade was the first education blog that I stumbled upon and found SO many great ideas. I instantly fell in love with all the cute an informational hand outs that Cara had ready for her parents at the beginning of the year.
I basically just copied her. I think there’s a teacher phrase called “beg, borrow, and steal”. I like copy better than steal. It sounds better. But yes I stole her idea and edited it to fit my style and colors.
I just finished my new one for this year and had someone ask for a template. It’s not my idea so I’m not selling the template because it’s my idea. I’m selling the template because I purchased graphics and fonts that I in turn used in the template. I hope that makes sense.
You can get the editable PowerPoint HERE at my TPT store.