“Meet the Teacher” Hand Out


About four years ago I discovered educational blogs and fell in love. The First Grade Parade was the first education blog that I stumbled upon and found SO many great ideas. I instantly fell in love with all the cute an informational hand outs that Cara had ready for her parents at the beginning of the year.
I basically just copied her. I think there’s a teacher phrase called “beg, borrow, and steal”. I like copy better than steal. It sounds better. But yes I stole her idea and edited it to fit my style and colors.
I just finished my new one for this year and had someone ask for a template. It’s not my idea so I’m not selling the template because it’s my idea. I’m selling the template because I purchased graphics and fonts that I in turn used in the template. I hope that makes sense.
You can get the editable PowerPoint HERE at my TPT store.

Gearing up for the 2014-2015 School Year


Y’all. Seriously. I feel like this school year has snuck up on me! It’s been on my mind but really. I’m looking at today’s date. My first day of school is in 10 days. TEN! We aren’t even allowed in our buildings until Thursday. Thursday!! Leaving me with nothing short of a couple of days to prepare for Open House which is next Tuesday. YES!!! Next Tuesday! Can you feel the anxiety with me?!

Deep breath IN! Deep breath OUT!

I just got back from a wonderful girls trip with my sweet friends! We spent a week in Salt Lake City Utah and enjoyed every second! I’ll have to do a separate post to capture all the fun we had!

In the days right before the trip and now following the trip…I have been preparing for school! It’s been so much fun! I’ll be starting my fifth year teaching and I’m glad that I get SO excited about it! If you follow me on Instagram then these pictures won’t seem new but…

I got this year at a glance completed.

2014-07-01 22.57.58

Then I typed up my schedule for next year. Any one notice that 55 minute RTI block? Yeah…me too…

I’m still wondering what that is going to look like. (Last two years have been 30 mins.)

2014-07-03 23.05.54

I found these adorable MINI binders at Target and had to get the turquoise one because it’s my favorite color. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet but I’ll let you know when I do. Ha!

2014-07-11 08.09.46


I finally got to visit this store in person! I wish wasn’t traveling when I did. I’m pretty sure I found a zillion things I could have brought home. They wouldn’t all fit in my suitcase but I did get a few things that I will be using in my classroom!

2014-07-16 11.17.06-2

These beauties arrived in the mail while I was on vacation. I ordered them from IKEA. They are 4.99 a piece and my sweet husband put them together for me! They will look great around my reading/group table.

2014-07-19 20.49.10

A few days ago I got these writing binders put together! (Inspired by Teaching Maddeness) So excited!

2014-07-21 09.46.02

I’ve got so much more to do and so LITTLE time. Isn’t that all of us? I can’t wait to share my classroom after my sweet mom comes to help me on Thursday! She is pretty amazing! Every year she helps me get my room ready to go for another set of kiddos. What a blessing she is!

Free Font Friday


Today I’m linking up with The Teaching Tribune! It’s Free Font Friday!! I’m so excited to share my first font that I’ve created!


1. Click the picture above.

2. Download the file.

3. Extract the file.

4. Open the True Type File.

5. Click the “Install” button.

6. Open up a word document or powerpoint and try out your new font!


Thanks for stopping by!!

Next Generation Science Standards Posters


Have you heard about the Next Generation Science Standards? Our state hasn’t adopted them yet but I’ve been looking into them and they really are pretty awesome! In fact, I think (from what I’ve heard) that in our district we can go ahead and start implementing them! I really love how there are less standards but they are deeper which is what the big push is! I wanted to get a head start on preparing for when I will be required to teach these standards. So I made these super cute display cards/posters!


I really love them! I also love the super cute science graphics that I included! I also really love helping others out!

So I’m going to give away one set of these! Pin this image and then leave a comment below (with your Pinterest username and blog or email so I can find you) and you’ll be entered in the drawing! I’ll use a random generator to pick the person Thursday night! :)

Monday Meet Up

Linking up with The Teaching Tribune again! More randomness about me…


Summer Bucket List {for the Classroom}


Two years ago I did a Summer Bucket List post and it is one of my most popular posts! I figured that I would do an “updated”  Summer Bucket list for this year. *All pictures are linked to the blog/post that they were found at.*
This next school year {which starts in, ahem, less than a month} I am going to do group shelves. I will be using black shelves like the picture on the left so I will keep their book bins on the bottom shelf, writing notebooks on the middle shelf and then a supplies drawer like the one in the picture on the right. I’m going to keep pencils in the top drawer, glue sticks in the middle drawer, and scissors in the bottom drawer. Scissors and glue are the two things I do NOT want them to keep in their own supply bags/boxes in their desks.

I love posting learning targets this way! I definitely think it draws more attention to them!

I often have a couple of anchor charts laying around as I start to switch them out and I think this storage solution would be perfect!

Another anchor chart related idea…I’m so tired of wasting mavalous tape or using sticky tack to hang anchor charts. I want to start putting them on a rings and then on a curtain rod! Love it!

I have always used these three drawer boxes to have students turn their work in but my labels are kind of boring and I think my drawers need these cute and fun labels! Or I might just have to make my own because I like to have a language drawer…
***EDIT: I just asked the seller of these labels and they are editable!! I bought them as soon as I found out! You can buy your copy HERE.***

Okay, so that’s a good list to get me started. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of other things to add to it soon.

Instead of saying… I Don’t Know…


***I finally took the plunge and started a separate teaching blog! Click HERE to go to this post on my new site!***

So I found a poster (on Pinterest of course) that I thought would be perfect in my classroom! It drives me craaaazzzyyyyyy when kids say “I can’t” or “I don’t know”. So when I saw it…I knew I had to have it! Except I was having trouble finding it because it was a broken link. So I figured that I would just make my own to have the same words!
Instead of I don't know
Don’t you just love Melonheadz’s new “Thinking Kids”.
You can download this pdf HERE (or click the picture above)for FREE! :)
Happy 4th of July!!

3rd Grade Year At A Glance



I’m a planner at heart. I love calendars and planners and anything to *help* me stay organized. I love to know what’s coming next.

While I was in college I would buy every type of teachery book I could. I bought one book that all about classroom organization and planning. It talked about creating a year at a glance document but I wasn’t able to see how I would use it at the time. It’s so different once you get your own classroom. My first year I taught 6th grade, then 4th, and finally I’ve found my home in 3rd grade. I will be starting my third year in third grade in less than a month. :)

I knew during my first year (in third) that I would want my second year to be so much easier and so I created my very first year at a glance. It has stuck around and boy do I love it. Here is my new one for this year!



It’s not perfect but it works for me! It doesn’t include any spelling/word work for the year or geography skills either. Where is the time?! :) I know that I will be able to squeeze those things into morning work. At least I have a general idea, right??!

I’ve been debating what to do because I want you guys to be able to take this and edit it to make your own because really that’s what collaboration is all about!  If I upload it to TPT it looks crazy out of whack. I don’t know how else to do it! If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

****The pictures look super fuzzy and blurry. Click on it to get a nice sharp image.****

This year at a glance guide lines up with my math pacing guide/ units-


July Currently




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