Catching Up!


I can’t believe it has been nearly two months since I have blogged. Time seems to take over and I can’t get everything typed out as quickly as it’s happening. I love to do a quick update for family and friends who don’t live nearby that follow. Not to mention the fact that I love to look back and read the little details of our lives. So here we go…

We have been having dinner dates with an “on duty” daddy.

 image (3)

Some little guy lost a 2nd tooth (3rd including the one the dentist pulled).


I have been trying new hair styles. (It takes just as long as straightening.)

photo (1)

We have been planting veggies in our garden. (squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and carrots)


I have been taking prom pictures of my sweet young women from church.

image (2)

Recently in my classroom I’ve been following up my interactive read alouds with  something new called Grand Conversations.

(It’s where I pose a question to the students and they have a “conversation” about their thoughts/opinions. They practice using the language like what is on our anchor chart below. This has been fun to watch because I am completely OUT of the conversation. They are talking to and being respectful to their peers! So fun!)

image (1)

I had a great lunch date with these cuties who got my ‘Gift of Time’! :)

image (2)

We recently decided to have chickens in our back yard. I could watch them for hours. We will be eating eggs for every meal soon.


We have been painting “pretties”. Seeeeeeeeee…


Baseball has been in full swing. No pun intended. Games are three days a week and Tryp has been doing AWESOME now that we figured out that he throws and bats right handed even though he is a “lefty”.  Little boys look so cute in baseball uniforms!

image (2)

I have been trying to remember this…


It’s hard to keep that daily perspective of eternity but I love that little saying!