Thankful Thursday


There are always so many things that I am thankful for because I have been SO blessed but today I’m thankful for my sweet family!


My Journey to Becoming a Mormon (Part 1)


Come read about my journey to becoming a Mormon. It started with my childhood...

I didn't grow up in a religious home. My mother always gave us the option to choose. I’m now thankful for that ability to choose.

I chose at a very young age to start attending church on my own with The Warners. The Warners were a family that lived next door to my grandparents. The children were close in age to me so I became good friends with them. During 5th grade I joined their church and became very active in the Awana’s program.

I became very serious about going to church regularly and participating in all the activities. I definitely memorized scriptures for Awana's but there wasn't any real depth there.

Now that I look back, I really don’t think I joined for the right reasons. I just went because my friends did. I definitely believed in Jesus Christ but I don’t think I actually accepted him as my Savior then. I was lacking faith.

faith is a power

I entered into 6th grade and things really changed. I became more social and going to church was no longer  a priority. In fact I stopped going until 8th grade where I met Laura Busha. A dear and very precious friend who invited me to her church and going to church became routine for me again. I enjoyed meeting new friends and immersing myself in scripture. I still however had alternative motives for attending church. It was a social meeting place that had cute boys. My intent was out of whack. I attended church pretty regularly (not questioning things) but was moved to Arkansas right before I turned 16.  One thing I’ve learned about our Heavenly Father is that he has a plan. His plan is always in HIS time. Not ours.

Moving to Arkansas was part of my (His) plan. Stay tuned for Part 2. :)

Audrey’s first -real- Play Date


**Please note that I love photography with a passion and I have a serious problem with posting unedited pictures on my blog. However, I am getting over it so I can post more pictures and stop obsessing over “perfect” pictures. In fact, I even shot these pictures in AUTO. I know I know. No judging, please and thank you.**

Summer is officially in full swing! :)


Audrey had her first real play date with our dear friends The Pearsons. Cristy is a sweet friend of mine and has a daughter (Brooklyn) who is one month younger than Audrey. So sweet! At this age they don’t really know how to play together but they sure do look cute! :)


Miss Brooklyn having a blast!


Audrey looks SO mad here! I can assure you that she was having so much fun!


Audrey sharing with Brooklyn!

IMG_1506   IMG_1507 IMG_1509   IMG_1510

We had so much fun and I just know that Audrey and Brooklyn will become the best of friends! :)

Dear classroom parents…



Being a teacher is tough business…a business that can often have unhappy customers. However, I am a person too.


When you talk poorly about me in front of your child which leads to disrespect towards me.

I am a person too.




When you talk trash about me to other parents because you didn’t like your child’s grade.

I am a person too.




I can lose my patience. I don’t have perfect days. (Thank goodness there is someone who takes care of my imperfections.)

I am a person too.




When I have more paperwork than I can handle and your child doesn’t get to tell me every story they want.

I am a person too.




When I have 24 other kids to tend to other than yours. I am only one.

I am a person too.


I spent a majority of this school year crying because of the gossiping among parents, rude emails, and lack of respect from parents. I am one person trying to teach and love on 25 kids. Every day I was (usually) giving my very best at that moment. Time and time again I was made to believe that my best was not enough. What a failure I was. What could I change to make them all happy?


I am a person too. ♥

How to Find the Best Resources for Handmade Crafts


Today, guest poster Becka Delgado is sharing how to find the best resources for crafts! As a mom, crafter, and teacher I know that finding resources can be tricky! I love her article giving advice! Check it out!


How to Find the Best Resources for Handmade Crafts


From youngsters to grandparents, a lot of people are into crafting. It's very much en vogue (thanks Hipsters!). However, this doesn't mean that everyone's a pro. Many people want to craft or improve their skills, but they're are unsure of how to get started or find assistance. If you've found that you need a few more resources for handmade crafts, where can you go to find them? Read onto find out!

The Local Craft Store

Almost every community has a craft store in town, and you can absolutely find tons of material (and inspiration) at great prices (or for the latter, for free!). During the holidays, you'll even get some inspiration for centerpieces, decorations and more. You're likely a creative person, so just browse through the aisles and see what jumps out at you. Construction paper, sticker, glitters, markers and more all provide pathways to creative success. Look out for places like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Many of these stores include baking supplies, so you can get creative in the kitchen as well.

Local Garden Stores

Handmade crafts come in so many different shapes and sizes, so it's easy to utilize the power of the local garden store. Whether you are purchasing flowers to make your own potpourri or gathering different wreaths to piece together, these stores have all of the supplies that you need. Don't feel constrained only to materials. Garden shops are a major source of holiday decorations, and you can create your own masterpieces out of them. For example, cutting up Christmas ornaments can give you the necessities to make a collage for the front of the house.

It's Pinterest Time

If you haven't been introduced to Pinterest and you like to craft, you're missing out on a seriously valuable resource. This social network gives you the ability to interact with a host of people who are also interested in crafts, and you'll be shocked at the array of possibilities that are available. You can get ideas for the Christmas season, check out some new crafts for your children's birthdays or find a way to make a cake (or virtually any other item of food) look super fancy. Create different folders to keep all of your ideas and various craft projects organized, and you'll be easily able to find what you want. Browsing through similar sites, such as Tumblr or StumbleUpon,  brings you to even more ideas, but Pintrest is really where it's at.

Talk to Teachers

Perhaps you're not looking for handmade craft projects for yourself. Instead, you want to help your children explore their creative side, but you really don't know where to start. Younger students probably attend art classes, or at least participate in art projects, when they are in school. Talk to your children's teachers to find out if there are any projects that you can do that fit in with what he or she is learning in the class. You should also ask for any unfinished projects to be sent home, so you can work on tackling both creativity and time management.

Becka Delgado writes about parenting and arts education. Her recent work can be found at


Thanks Becka for that wonderful source of information!!!