News on the Home Front


Hank has happily spent a full week at his new job at a NEW police department and he loves it!

Tryp came down with Rhinovirus and Type A flu last week while Audrey was battling an ear infection while taking an antibiotic.

Over the weekend Audrey took a turn downhill and is now being treated for the flu. Did I mention that I hate sick babies? Breaks my heart.

But I didn't write this post to tell you about sick kiddos. There is exciting news on the home front. Our home  front. Yes... a home. A House! 

We are thrilled to say that we have made an offer on this house, gone through some tricky inspection stuff, waiting for repairs but hope to close sometime in March! We are feeling blessed and excited! I can't wait to share this journey on the blog for future reading and for all of you followers! I see many DIY projects in the near future. ;)


New Year...New Happenings


The new year always brings excitement and resolutions. As I was switching my posts over from Blogger to WordPress (a new happening) I stumbled upon my post about resolutions for 2012. I had goals to get healthy and build a house of love. I feel like we were successful. I started CrossFit and changed our eating habits (for the most part) and spent time loving on my family. The house part has yet to come...

In this post, I mentioned that there are new things happening for our family. I am super excited to say that Hank will be switching to the Bentonville Police Department. After nearly 7 years at Springdale Police Department, he has decided to make a change.  I can't imagine what he will be feeling when January 21st rolls around. Relief. Sadness. Excitement. Nervousness. This change will bring many changes for our family. We will finally all be in a central location. Both of our jobs will now be in Bentonville, Tryp will be coming to school with me next year, and we will have to buy a house by this summer. The house part. It's coming. I'm sure it's all in God's timing too. Everything always is. I'll need to be patient with that part...

I'm eager to see what God will do with our lives this year.

I love the first day of the year. The feelings that come with it but it will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the day that Hank and I were introduced. A flood of emotions return to me when I think about how he almost didn't show up. But he did. And he left an imprint on my heart. We became friends first. One night while driving home on Hwy 187 all I could think about was talking to my best friend, Hank. I knew at that moment I wanted to spend every day talking to him.... So like everyone else we have the day we met but because it's on the first day of the year it seems to be a bigger deal. At least to me.