Fall Decorations and Craft Fairs


Fall is such a fun time of year around NWA. There are so many fun things going on and it ends up being a very BUSY time. (the reason I haven't posted in a while!) I love decorating for fall. It's so much fun when your kids starting getting older and can enjoy it. Tryp had so much fun helping me hang things and put things out!



So this past weekend in NWA there were TONS of craft shows. We have about 4 or 5 different ones in the area. I decided this year that I would join some of my friends and make some crafty things to put into our booth.  It was so much fun and I made a little cash that I gave to Hank for his birthday! (He totally deserved it.) I made the fabric covered button badge pulls and the fabric covered button magnets! I have some left over so I will be selling them on my teachers pay teachers website soon!  My friends Cristy, Anna, and Belle had some of their SUPER cute crafts there too! We had so much fun and will definitely do it again next year! Check out our pictures below...


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  2. Wow, these are such beautiful things! You and your friends are so talented. Such cute stuff!