Organization, Lesson Plans, Bulletin Boards, OH MY!!


School has been a WHIRLWIND. I felt so good about this school year but now I feel like I’m starting to slowly sink. At least my desk is organized MOST of the time.

image (1)



Lesson plans. So I seriously tried the cute lesson plan books from the teacher stores but it drove me crazy that the days went across instead of down. Silly I know. Then I tried to just type them. I love how nicely things look typed BUT I felt like things change from day to day so hand-written it is. I also designed my own layout and had our print shop do the work to make it into a lesson plan book.

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We’ve been working on CAFÉ strategies in Literacy and Number Talks in Math. I love number talks because it increases their mental math! AH-MAZING!photo (11)



This is what it looks like and what we have been working on. It seems so simple but requires students to actually work through it in their head an come up with different strategies.image


So after we did a few of these together and shared our thinking, we made an anchor chart of different strategies we could use to solve problems.image (3)


We finished going over our class rules. We made a large anchor sized contract. We all signed too. ;)photo (12)


In my classroom reveal pictures I never did show my board straight on. It’s a blurry iPhone picture but at least you see it. I just write the topics that the kids can understand. I love having hand signals for their needs. Makes things run so much smoother. :)image (4)


I also forgot to include the outside of my classroom décor. See below. :) Crabs, starfish and pennants are from Schoolgirl Style’s By the Sea theme. Love it. image (7)image (8)image (5)image (6)

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  1. I started using last year. It's only $12 and it so worth the money. You can do a 30 day trial to see if you like it before committing. I really like it because you can build a template and edit when need be. If you don't get to something in a day, you can bump it to the next day. You can color code your subjects/classes. You can even pull down your state or common core standards. I'm hooked for sure.