My Journey to Becoming a Mormon (Part 3)


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So, you see, Heavenly Father had given me many wonderful influences in my life. One day a student of mine earned a reward and chose to have lunch with me in the classroom. She began to tell me about her church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She seemed very confident in speaking to me about it. Remember, this is an 8 year old girl we are talking about. I continued to think about her words she shared with me that day and night.

The next day she brought me a Book of Mormon. She wasn’t as confident about this as she was the day before. (I later found out from her mom that she wasn’t sure if she was allowed to give her teacher a book of scriptures.) I started that night researching everything I could on the Mormon church at home. I even asked some of those dear friends of mine questions but was quickly given the “I’ll send the missionaries to tell you all about it.” answer. I was getting frustrated. I didn’t want to sit down with what I thought were well-trained missionaries. I wanted to just hear about the gospel from my friends.

Behind the scenes my sweet high school friend Adrienne had contacted an old friend of hers (Cristy). She mentioned to Cristy that I wanted to learn more and since we live in the same area maybe she could reach out to me.

The life-changer.

I had remembered meeting Cristy those couple of times I went to church with Adrienne but we never really talked outside of church. She sent me a message on Facebook (on Feb. 26th):

Hey Katie!

I don't know if you remember me or not but I am a friend of Adrienne's that grew up in Berryville and went to church with her. I think we met a few times when you visited with her.

Adrienne told me that you live in C…….. which is where I live as well. She said that you may be interested in visiting our church but don't know anyone. I would love to have you come with me to an activity or to a Sunday meeting if you want!

She also mentioned that we both have daughters that are close in age. It would be fun to have another mom to do play dates with!!

Talk to you soon,

Cristy Pearson


I responded to her immediately and started asking questions. There were so many things I had read online and learned about the church but wanted to talk to her about them. I needed bible verses that proved the things that I read to be true. I need confirmation but I wasn’t seeking a spiritual confirmation. Not yet anyway.

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