My Baby Boy is a Kindergartner!


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I’m sharing my sweet baby boy who just started Kindergarten two days ago! I couldn’t be more proud of him and how well he did on his first day. Maybe it was because I have been prepping him for months. Maybe it was because I was so excited for him instead of sappy about it. Maybe it was because he is just an awesome little guy who loves to learn new things! :)


He didn’t cry or whine at all. In fact, he was so eager to get started on his work! “Hankie” went and saw him at lunch time to check on him. Hank later came and told me that Tryp said he was ready to go home and watch super heroes. (Super Hero day is Thursday.) He also seemed sad when Hank left. He didn’t cry though and stayed strong. :)


I love having my little cutie in the same building as me and being good friends with his teacher(s). Marin Hamilton (his teacher) emailed me at lunch time to share with me some funnies.

Marin’s email said this…

“He is cracking me up!! He keeps saying the cutest things.

Tryp: “Can I see your name tag? Awww, that’s a cute smile you did for your picture.”

Tryp: “I’m going to do something to you.” (He gave me a hug)

Tryp: “Where am I going to put my briefcase while I get a drink? I don’t want my briefcase to get wet.” (Talking about his lunch box.)

Also, we did a sheet where they told me how they feel on their first day of school. His response- sad. I asked why he felt sad and he said, “because mommy won’t be here to help me if I fall and then I’ll cry and she’ll take me to the hospital.” Pitiful!! But still adorable!!

Overall, he really is having a great day. He is just too cute.”




Isn’t his teacher gorgeous?! I adore her! I’m so thankful that Tryp has a wonderful Kinder teacher! All the staff keep telling me how cute he is and I say I know! ;)  I’m biased though. I will say that Tryp had a wonderful day but a rough evening after his first day. I kept hearing how tired the kids will be after the first day but I really didn’t think much about it. Well, let me tell you, Tryp had a very rough evening. Arguing, refusing to eat, and crying. It was so sad and it was all because he was EXHAUSTED. He was in bed by 7 an asleep no later than 7:30. No joke. Poor little booger.


I can’t wait to see how much he learns this year in Kindergarten!



  1. So precious. Tryp is a cutie. How special that you are at the same school
    Hope you have a fabulous year

  2. How exciting to have on going into kindergarten. I hope you both have a great year. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Tryp is precious! So glad he is enjoying Kindergarten!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Your little guy is too cute. I love that his teacher emailed you during the day. My last one will be starting kindergarten this month too. Even after three kids I get tearful. I am so happy that I will be able to put her on the bus for her first day. Her first day is Aug. 15th and mine is Aug, 21. Enjoy the sweet sayings they grown up so quick and then their sayings are not always cute. I have 2 teenagers also! UGH!