2013-2014 Classroom Pictures (and Open House)


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Open House was on Tuesday July 30th this year. This year was different than last year. My baby started Kindergarten, thank goodness his open house was during the day so I didn’t have to miss it while I had my open house in the evening. Here are a few pictures of Tryp at open house…

We went down to his classroom and sorted out his supplies where they needed to go.IMG_4642

He went around looking for his name. :) Isn't his classroom cute?


He finally found his name at the red table!


He had an assignment to draw a picture of himself in school.


I was so proud of him and how he took charge like a big boy! He didn’t cry one bit! I’ll be posting his first day of Kinder pictures soon! :)

On the other side of the building I was making sure that my classroom was prepared for my 3rd grade parents! So I saw several great ideas online about how to make Open House/Meet the Teacher Night successful. I found a post by Reagan at Tunstall Times about having Meet the Teacher stations. I also saw another blog post about folders and I thought that was a great and organized way to do things! I wish I could remember who posted about that! Anyway, here are my folders and my student gift (They say, “You are just –write- for our class!” with a cute pencil.)

FAQ- "What did you use to write the names on the desks?"

I used a broad tip Sharpie marker to write their names and numbers. I love it because they don't tear up, pull up, write on and ruin the name plates that we spend so much time making look good! You can remove the names with rubbing alcohol and Mr.Clean Magic Erasers. The names actually start to wear off as the year goes on when you clean the desks for germs. :)

I created my own sign that match my By the Sea theme. (If you are interested in these files please let me know.)

The first station was the sign in and I threw in my little donations area with requests on apple sticky notes.

Station 2 basically just told the parents to find the folders and then drop them off completed in the bin.

Station 3 was the bins for school supplies. I had the students do that if they brought their supplies in.


Is transportation a big deal at your school? We have to find out how they are getting home the first day and then the normal transportation route. So I made that Station 4.


That concludes my Meet the Teacher Night pictures but below you find pictures of my classroom at the end of today. Which was the first day of school I might add. Craziness.

My goal for my room this year (as always) it’s to be clean, fresh, organized, and cute! I’m not a big fan of clutter so sometimes my room may look bare but I thrive off of cleanliness at school. (not to mention our fire code says only 20% of the walls can be covered and we use the workshop model which uses TONS of anchor charts.) I also love simplicity, it keeps me happy. Enjoy looking at my classroom pictures!

I found the idea to post 7 different posters on Pinterest of questions that will help gain insight into student thinking. :) My kiddos had some great answers too!

So this is looking into my room to the right. Cubbies right away. I always wanted really cute cubby labels but I had this great idea to just use premade calendar numbers. Great idea right?! Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this but it saved me on time and I was definitely short on time. I’m sure you can relate. ;)


So along here you will see our Brownie Points board from What the Teacher Wants. Hand Signals for easier transitions. Agenda. The black shelves house the math materials that we will use frequently, along with drawers for groups word work sorts. I also keep hand sanitizer and morning work on the top part of this shelf. Students come in and can grab morning work right off the top. :) The long black shelf houses the book bins.


My desk area is straight ahead. I did not take any close ups. I spared you. I promise. It’s a HUGE mess over there right now and I hate it! I love to be clean and organized so it’s driving me crazy right now!


Classroom shot! You will see Schoolgirl Style’s ‘By the Sea’ pennants all over my room! LOVE! I sent the pdf file off to our district print shop and requested 2 sets of color copies cardstock. I picked them up, cut them out, took them to a local education supplies store to have them laminated then cut them out again. Finally I added grommets to each corner to create holes and then I strung them on twine. Quite the process but oh so worth it. Everyone that walks in my room always notices the pennants first! See my cute chevron curtains! I can’t wait to get the post up about those. Super easy and super cute! My dear friend Sally helped me make them!


Here are the other cubbies for the students.


I love this board. It’s such an organizational tool. It makes my heart happy. I manage student lunch choices, student helpers, monthly calendar and daily schedule over here. It’s not in plain sight for students which sort of stinks but I love that it’s a go to area for management type things. :)


Here is a close up of my Lunch Count area. My coworker Rissa has a Cricut, so I used it to cut out vinyl for the What’s for Lunch part and then used it to cut glitter paper for the numbers and lunch box letters. Electrical tape for the rest. Those are magnets with numbers on them over there.


My calendar is new this year. I definitely want my students to be able to keep up with what’s going on. I feel like this is a great tool and can’t wait to use it more with my kiddos. I purchased this HUGE dry erase adhesive calendar from Amazon here.


I’m making a sort of huge change this year. I got rid of my small group table. Yikes. I know. So hear me out…How many of you just piled more crud on top of that small group table? Come on, admit it! I always had copies to stack somewhere and they always ended up on that table. Well, here is my new small group area. We will meet on the rug. It’s cozy, comfortable, and fun. I have my word work pocket charts up (these are the mini charts from the dollar section at Target) and I bought the cute little stool chair thingy at Wal Mart. I am storing clipboards inside of it for when we work in small groups and need to be writing for whatever reason. I think it’s a grand idea! :)IMG_4957

Here is my lovely library. I’m still working on getting my labels matching but that’s not a thing that HAD to be done for the first day of school.

Here is the supplies shelf for the students. This is right in front of my desk (ignore those computer cords) but I love that I found bins that fit side by side so I could get all the supplies there together. It makes me soooo happy!


So I told you know close ups of the desk but I love my grass skirting to help tie in my By the Sea theme.IMG_4961

Assignment turn in area hasn’t changed much. Drawers for each subject an the white bucket is for important things. Like lunch money, notes from home, etc..

A close up of the pennants. My  mom had this great idea to tie raffia there at the end. It’s super cute. Thanks mom! ;)


I can’t wait to share with you my outside bulletin board and cute things outside my room. :) That will just have to wait for another day. I’m going to go spend some time with my family and REST because I have one more day in this week until the weekend. Yahoooo! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your room looks so neat and organized! Very inviting. Your little one is just precious!
    Rockin' and Learnin' Lovin'

  2. I would absolutely love it if you would share your Meet the Teacher station labels and directions. Thanks! :) P.S. Your curtains are to die for!

  3. Love your room! It looks so bright & open! A question: I really like that you just wrote student names on desks? Did you use dry erase? Another kind of marker? If so, how do you get it off?

  4. I would love if you would email me your meet the teacher station labels and forms. Thanks!


  5. Super cute room! Where did you get the magnets with numbers on them that you use for lunch count? I do something similar but the numbers are always rubbing off for the magnets I just write on. Thanks!!