Resources for the lds mom on the go


I have a surplus of amazing LDS women in my life. They have all impacted me in some way or another. Today my dear friend Sierra is going to share some of her favorite technology resources for any LDS Mom on the go. Enjoy! :)




Okay, so I am a full grown adult, but yet I have to make a confession, I can literally waste an entire afternoon on this website. There are so many things to do, look at, and download. So when I hear the, “I am bored mom, what can I do?” Then this is where I send my kids, even the 13 year old. Because when you get to this website it will show you the current month of the Friend, but click on the Friend tab on the side and there are games and activities, scripture stories, videos, etc. And don’t even get me started on all the images on the link on the side, too many to count.

Resources for any organization the church has can be found on this website. It is full of helpful information, including lesson helps, song helps, and talk helps. If you are in the primary and you just don’t have time because your son/daughter has kept you up all night, then you can come here, it has sharing time ideas, power point presentations to go with lessons, newsletter templates, etc. I could spend hours on this website, but the point of this is to save time, not spend unnecessary time.

Also, become a Facebook friend of Greg Olson! I love his work and he posts pictures and quotes pretty regularly. It makes my day to go on Facebook and see one of his pieces.


Most of these apps should be available on both Androids and Iphones. The first three all come from and are the official apps from the church. I’m not going to say much about them because you probably already have them.

gospelGospel library light

LDS Music

LDS Hymns

LDS youth

scripture a dayScripture a Day

I have installed this widget on my Samsung galaxy, I absolutely love it. Not only do I use it every day, but so do my daughters. They ask me, what was the scripture for the day? The widget shows the entire scripture and the chapter/verse. But then when you click on the scripture it takes to the standard works and shows you the entire chapter. Some days I have to be honest, we only get the scripture of the day read, but we try to always read the chapter also. The scripture of the day varies, so far the only book I have not seen any scriptures from is the Pearl of Great Price, but let’s face it, compared to the others, it’s really small.

lds children's songbookLDS Children’s Songbook- by the LDS Dudes

I don’t know about the rest of you, but it seems the car is the one place my three darling can’t find it in themselves to “love one another”. So this little app comes in handy in conjunction with my Bluetooth. I can search a song and within minutes it is playing throughout my car. It definitely calms everyone down really fast when they are listening to, “Love is Spoken Here.”

book of mormon touchBook of Mormon touch

It’s like the sticker books you used to have, except it’s on your phone and it’s the Book of Mormon stories.

unnamedThe Book of Mormon stories

Remember the Book of Mormon stories books you used to have when you were a kid? They have been made into videos, and has put them all online. This app is a direct link to the website and has all the stories by chapter listed, all you have to do is click on the chapter you want. They are coming via your internet connection however, so they may pause.

And last but not least… I know most of the apps and websites I mentioned have to do with your kids. But let’s face it, when your kids are quiet and reverent, you can’t be spiritual. But this last app is just for you. One hundred percent kid free, at least for another few years till they become the dreaded teenagers. J

lds quotesLDS Quotes

I LOVE this app. It has pictures with a quote from either the scriptures or a general authority. The pictures are gorgeous, usually an outdoor scene or a temple, and who doesn’t feel that sense of peace and calm when seeing those things. So this app is my oasis, my recharge, my escape.

new years


Sierra was raised in Utah in the LDS faith and is now married with three beautiful girls, 13, 11, and 9.  She is currently a 4th grade teacher  and spends most of  her time at the softball fields or basketball courts. During summer break she likes to catch up on reading books (that are NOT school related) and spend time on pinterest.







Thank you so much Sierra! As a new convert I can totally soak up this post to find great apps to use when I’m on the go. :)