New school year, new classroom…TOUR!


So two of our team members decided that they wanted to departmentalize this year. One will teach math, science, and a little social studies and the other teacher is going to teach all literacy and integrate some social studies too. The other three of us on the team decided to stay self contained. The two teachers that are going to be trading classes were diagonally across from each other in the hallway. So I asked if one of the teachers wanted to switch rooms with me to make things easier on all of us. :) She agreed.


So every year we have to take EVERYTHING out of the classroom so they can wax the floors and deep clean and some years they paint. So I stopped in my classroom to grab a few resources because technically they don’t want us working in our rooms yet until the whole school has been waxed. You can clearly see in the pictures below that my room has a beautiful wax job completed. :) These pictures are NOT of a completed classroom. Just the clean slate that I’m starting with.

Enter the doorway…


Immediately to the right as you walk in. Student cubbies which are filled with classroom library bins and textbooks. Everything is just kind of thrown up there because we don’t have much time to get our rooms completely cleared out. So then everything kind of gets thrown back in so they can wax the hallways…


I’m moving in a counter clockwise direction around the room. Here is my LONG white board and STAR board. Anyone else have a STAR board? I’ve had SMART boards in the past and I can’t tell much difference with the STAR. That little beige desk with the bins on top is actually my student computer desk and it’s clearly not in the place that it will actually be when school starts. :) In the corner up ahead (under the flag) is my teacher desk and filing cabinet. Anyone else have a print center? Our district only allows 100 copies per teacher per month at the school building. We have a print center where we have to send things off to be copied. It stinks in some ways because you  have to be prepared way in advanced to get things back in time. SO I have to store lots of copies in my filing cabinets.


Next up you’ll see lots of bookshelves and cubbies along the wall. I actually use those cubby shelves for my classroom library. You’ll see later. :)In the far corner you’ll see all my stuff piled up high. Such a fun thing to come back to…


All the student desks are just set in here in a cluster but look at all that cabinet space back there! I have worked in other schools where I had little to NO storage space. I love to keep things organize in there! ;)


The back wall has more student cubbies and some more blue shelves. :) (For my classroom library of course!)


And finally the last wall that brings back around to the classroom door. I have a white board and a bulletin board over here. I feel like I have tons of boards and LOVE that! However, this white board in the corner is going to be tricky to use. It’s just in a funky spot but I’ll make it work. I’m already thinking about doing lunch count and classroom jobs back there on it!


Thanks for stopping by to view my classroom before it I can really get my hands on it! :)Any suggestions? Please share in the comments! I love it!


  1. It's looks so it really as big as it looks? If so, I'm super jealous! I would love to be rid of the carpet in my room. No matter how many times it gets cleaned, it still looks yuck! You are so kind to offer to move for a teammate. That's awesome!

  2. I'm with you right now on the bare classroom. It drives me nuts having to set everything up again every I have sadly switched classrooms every year.

    Your room is so nice and big! I have a weird rectangle shaped room that I am stumped over classroom set-up of my tables. It becomes harder when you have 30 large middle school bodies moving around the room and I want/need/have to have a classroom library for my kids. :)

    I was hoping to work in my room tomorrow but just found out they waxed all the hallways today and don't want us past the front office tomorrow so that it stays squeaky clean over the weekend. Gr...

  3. Alison,

    Yes! It really is as BIG as it looks! :) I'm glad that I don't have permanent carpet but I do love having my carpet/rug in my classroom library.

    Why have you switched classrooms every year? New grade?

  4. Love the size of your room! Our fourth grade is departmentalized...
    I'm lucky enough to teach reading and writing all day!

    Found you on the Arkansas Bloggers linky!

    Hope you have a great year!