My Journey to Becoming a Mormon (Part 2)


***If you are just joining be sure to check out Part 1.***

I was excited about moving to Arkansas. New place. New home. New school. New friends. New boooyyyyyssssss. I was eager for the change but still missing things about Texas (home). I knew that it would be much harder to find a church so it wasn’t even a priority.


My first day in my new school I met a girl named Adrienne. She was different. She was cute, blonde, athletic built, a cheerleader, smart, and sweet. And I wanted to be JUST like her. She was ‘that’ girl. You know…the girl that everyone likes. That was Adrienne.  What’s funny is that now that I look back She had the Holy Spirit with her. That’s what made her beautiful and kind and sweet and a girl that everyone likes. We became friends instantly in Mrs. Epley’s class. Adrienne was the first known Saint that God placed in my life.

At some point, I don’t remember when, Adrienne invited me to church with her. I think I went to one Sunday, one Young Women’s class, and two Seminary classes. At the time I was “recovering” from a break up and I needed to turn to my Heavenly Father. My heart wasn’t ready then. I was too deep in a teenage relationship. I wish I could go back in time and shake my 17-year-old self and say WAKE UP! However, my life wouldn’t be what it is today.

Adrienne and I stayed very close, even when she left for BYU. We wrote letters until she returned a year later. She ended up going to college back in Arkansas but we gradually talked less as our lives went different directions. What’s great is that Heavenly Father wasn’t done with me and continued to place amazing Mormon women in my life. In fact, there were very short amounts of time when I wasn’t being influenced Saints. :)

10/2001-8/2008 Adrienne

8/2008-5/2011 Sierra

3/2012- 10/2012 Ruby

5/2012-8/2012 Mary

8/2012- 6/2013 4 students & their families

3/2013- to current Cristy


You see, there have always been (for the most part) people in my life who have had such a positive impact on me. Now I can see that these people were all a part of my plan. The timing of the friendships. Their roles (even small ones) made an impact on me and what’s great is that they are all still involved in my life and are great friends! Even my students and their parents! They all led me to my extremely important decision. Stay tuned for Part 3. ;)