Monday Made It: DIY Chevron Lamp Shade


I have this adorable little lamp in my classroom that has a super cute lampshade on it but since I’m changing my theme…I have to change the lampshade. Have you ever tried googling chevron lampshades to purchase? They are SUPER duper expensive. I didn’t expect it really because of how popular chevron is. I knew that this would be my chance to make my own. It was a lot of fun! Yay for DIY Chevron Lamp Shades!


Here is what you will need:


Lampshade $7 at Target

Painters tape (I LOVED Scotch Blue) $5 at Lowe’s

Paint (I really enjoyed the quality of the Martha Stewart brand) $1.99 at JoAnn’s

Sponge roller (or sponge dabbers would work well too) $1 at JoAnn’s

Scissors *not shown*

Paper plate


I could not wait to get started on this project. I didn’t measure a single thing. I just started taping and getting after it because I wanted to see the final product. IMG_3349

I think what I love the most is that it’s not perfect and I’m completely okay with that. The lines are not all the same width and the same length but I don’t mind.


I was a little apprehensive on the paint color. When I first squirted it out on the plate it looked like sky blue but I went ahead with it anyway.


I started out trying to roll the paint on and honestly it didn’t work that well. I ended up dabbing the paint on. It went on so much better. The reason I chose Martha Stewart’s paint is because it was multi-surface. I’m sure most acrylic paints are too but I wanted to be sure that it would do well. :)

These bubbles you see below really started to concern me but I found a solution. It’s just air. So, I blew on them lightly and they disappeared instantly! And really didn’t hang around as the paint dried. Yay!


So I only taped one side at a time. I guess I thought it would be easier but let me tell you, it’s not and you’ll get crooked lines. Or lines that don’t match up.


Here is the final product. Isn’t it great?! :) I love how it turned out.


And that sky blue color I was so worried about…well, it dried. It dried darker and matches my theme colors almost PERFECTLY! :) (If you didn’t know already, I’m using Schoolgirl Style’s By the Sea theme.)



  1. ADORABLE! I am getting ready to "chevron" up a rug! :)

    I'm your newest follower! Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Oh my gosh, that turned out so cute!! I love that color! Great job!