Levels of Understanding Classroom Posters


So I've already mentioned how I’m already in school mode. I don’t know that I ever really left school mode this summer. This is my first summer on a year round school calendar. A 5 week break is just not enough time to ‘shut it off’. Don’t get me wrong, I've had LOADS of fun with my family and friends but I've always had school ideas hanging out in the back of my mind. I guess that’s normal for a teacher, right?

So I came across this fabulous teacher… Miss Nannini is the author at Young Teacher Love. I cam across this post of hers where she talks about data binders. What’s great is that I already carried out this concept in my own classroom this past school year. After teaching a lesson I would have students show me on their hand if they “got it”. (scale of 1-5, instead of 0-4) Miss Nannini created some super cute posters of levels of understanding. I, however, love for everything to match my theme. My theme this year is By the Sea from Schoolgirl Style. You can check out her fabulous theme here and you can purchase my posters here. I can’t wait to have these guys hanging in my classroom this year! :)



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