4th of July: Bithell Bash


4th of July this year was so much fun! It seems like as your kids get bigger they can enjoy more activities. It’s so hard when you have littles (under 1). Which Hank and I have done a lot of talking about having another baby. Right now we are content with being done. I may change my mind in a few years but things are great with a 5 year old (about to enter Kindergarten!!!!) and a little girl that’s (GASP!) about to turn 2 years old this Friday. Can you believe that 2 years have passed? I love that my princess is learning to smile on the command of say cheese! :) (Just ignore the fact that she has blueberries in her teeth below…)IMG_2921


This is the first 4th of July we have spent in our new (to us) house. We were invited to a block party called the Bithell Bash. About 20+ families gathered together for fun bouncy houses, lots of grilling/food, and fireworks. Tryp was having a blast! IMG_2924IMG_2920                     IMG_2913 IMG_2929

Audrey wasn’t quite sure about it all at first so she hung around her daddy quite a bit. Not to mention that we left the house to get to the bash at 6:30 which is shortly before bedtime. So technically the kiddos got to stay up late. ;)IMG_2934IMG_2923IMG_2915IMG_2925



This is the “I don’t really like what you’re telling me.” face. hahaha IMG_2931

This is much  better. This is the “If I smile do I get to play longer?” face. :)


The kids really had a great time! Of course we had melt downs when it was time to leave but we enjoyed the good food and playing with our friends.

IMG_2936I can’t get over how adorable my little girl is. I know that ALL parents think their kids are cute but seriously…how can you resist this face!!! :)IMG_2941IMG_2927Tryp wrapped up our fun with a few sparklers. We headed home after that for bed. The kiddos were exhausted. And we heard fireworks ALL NIGHT LONG. I have to admit. I was a TAD grouchy about it but it only happens for a short time during the year and what it represents is well worth the noisy night.

IMG_2944IMG_2945What did you do for the fourth of July? I hope you had fun like we did! Another year of celebrating our freedoms! :)