My Journey to Becoming a Mormon (Part 1)


Come read about my journey to becoming a Mormon. It started with my childhood...

I didn't grow up in a religious home. My mother always gave us the option to choose. I’m now thankful for that ability to choose.

I chose at a very young age to start attending church on my own with The Warners. The Warners were a family that lived next door to my grandparents. The children were close in age to me so I became good friends with them. During 5th grade I joined their church and became very active in the Awana’s program.

I became very serious about going to church regularly and participating in all the activities. I definitely memorized scriptures for Awana's but there wasn't any real depth there.

Now that I look back, I really don’t think I joined for the right reasons. I just went because my friends did. I definitely believed in Jesus Christ but I don’t think I actually accepted him as my Savior then. I was lacking faith.

faith is a power

I entered into 6th grade and things really changed. I became more social and going to church was no longer  a priority. In fact I stopped going until 8th grade where I met Laura Busha. A dear and very precious friend who invited me to her church and going to church became routine for me again. I enjoyed meeting new friends and immersing myself in scripture. I still however had alternative motives for attending church. It was a social meeting place that had cute boys. My intent was out of whack. I attended church pretty regularly (not questioning things) but was moved to Arkansas right before I turned 16.  One thing I’ve learned about our Heavenly Father is that he has a plan. His plan is always in HIS time. Not ours.

Moving to Arkansas was part of my (His) plan. Stay tuned for Part 2. :)


  1. HI there!
    I found your blog from and I am so glad I did! It's so cute and fun!

    I am loving this post and look forward to part 2! My husband and I are both converts to the Church. He joined almost 11 years ago and I met him 3 days before my baptism (about 2 years after he joined). I can definitely see God's plan in my life as I look back. I joined the Church while having a 1 year old little girl and wasn't sure how that would go... If I would be fortunate enough to marry someone who would love her as his own. I was blessed to meet my husband that day and he did just that. We were able to be sealed in the DC Temple in 2006 and will be celebrating 7 years of marriage in Sept. I will celebrate my 9 year anniversary of joining the Church in Oct. and I have never looked back on this decision. It has brought SO many blessings to my life!
    Thank you for sharing your journey! I can't wait to read more!!

    Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Hi Erin!

    So glad that you found my blog!

    Part 2 is coming soon! Hopefully by Friday this week. I love meeting other converts! It's so exciting! :)

    Thanks for reading!

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