Dear classroom parents…



Being a teacher is tough business…a business that can often have unhappy customers. However, I am a person too.


When you talk poorly about me in front of your child which leads to disrespect towards me.

I am a person too.




When you talk trash about me to other parents because you didn’t like your child’s grade.

I am a person too.




I can lose my patience. I don’t have perfect days. (Thank goodness there is someone who takes care of my imperfections.)

I am a person too.




When I have more paperwork than I can handle and your child doesn’t get to tell me every story they want.

I am a person too.




When I have 24 other kids to tend to other than yours. I am only one.

I am a person too.


I spent a majority of this school year crying because of the gossiping among parents, rude emails, and lack of respect from parents. I am one person trying to teach and love on 25 kids. Every day I was (usually) giving my very best at that moment. Time and time again I was made to believe that my best was not enough. What a failure I was. What could I change to make them all happy?


I am a person too. ♥

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog and this beautiful post. I left a career in teaching in January because of a similar experience. Parents, administrators, the whole community (it felt at times) were constantly giving me this kind of feedback. Your 12 hour days and weekends devoted to your kids and your classroom, your creativity, your experience, your response to the Sandy Hook shootings, your intelligence, your commitment to the profession, your BEST - is not enough. You didn't identify my child as AIG/catch a fever quickly enough/let my kid get away with bullying another child, and therefore everything else you do is worthless because you didn't do what I wanted. This is the message I heard over and over and I finally decided I couldn't take it any more. I happened to also have a law degree and a license to practice law in my state, so I went back to practicing law. It is so much easier, less stressful, and less time-consuming than being a teacher. And I get paid twice as much. It is a tragedy.