The post where I tell you how life has taken over…


Hey blog friends. I couldn’t tell you the last time I blogged and I don’t even want to look because it will make me sad.

School has consumed my life which I knew it would. Which means that everything else is non-existent. Except my husband and kids and crossfit.

So the latest news is…

  • Audrey is walking! Yay!
  • Tryp is get smarter by the minute.
  • Audrey has 7 teeth!
  • Tryp has been having some behavior issues at school. Not at home. I hope these are normal.
  • Audrey is a little pistol.
  • Tryp can identified all letters, isn’t really new but now I’m asking him when we see letters so letters out of normal context.
  • Hank is going hunting tonight. Opening day.
  • I’m thankful that October is on the way. Two week break from school and War Eagle Fall Festival. :)
  • Audrey loves playing patty cake.
  • I can dead lift 165 lbs. Back squat 155 lbs. Front squat 140 lbs.