Classroom Sneak Peak


Hey friends!

I am finally going to give you a sneak peak into my classroom. I haven’t even had time to grab more shots but I’ll share with you the few I did shoot!

First up, my favorite stool! I found this stool at True Treasures. It was $15. I thought I was getting a good deal. I was not thinking clearly, obviously. A few days after I purchased the stool I saw that Wal-Mart sells BRAND NEW stools for…guess how much?! $15! Oh well. You live and learn right. So I took my “antique” stool and painted it blue and added my fun feathers and a cute design on top. The B is for Brockmeyer. :)


Then another picture I grabbed was of my Math Toolboxes and Writing Workshop boxes. The boxes have manipulatives for each group to work on solving word problems. The writing boxes include folders for each student along with pens and paper for producing writing and taking it through the writing process.IMG_0983IMG_0984

Another thing I managed to take a picture of is my birthday chart and my brownie points pan. I wanted to do something super cute for my birthdays but I honestly didn’t have time and it wasn’t a necessity. I got the brownie points idea from What the Teacher Wants and I did it last year and it worked well for a whole class incentive program. IMG_0987

My daily schedule…I love my schedule cards. I got them from Ladybugs Teacher Files and had her custom make them to match my colors. I then printed blank clocks with times to match my schedule and I made the clock hands with permanent marker. I know I could have made the clock hands with arrows in PowerPoint or word and I TRIED. They weren’t lining up right so I just figured I would do it by hand. You can also see a glimpse of my cursive alphabet (letter A only) and I got them from the same link above. (Ladybugs Teacher Files)IMG_0990

I made Table signs to hang above my groups and I loved them unfortunately my students are awful chatty and aren’t quite ready for groups. Maybe a little later. We are still working on expectations. :)IMG_0994

And lastly, my favorite cabinet. :) If you haven’t ever decorated a cabinet, it’s so much fun and makes things so much brighter. On the left, my jobs and on the right is my behavior and I haven’t come up with a cute saying for it yet. Any suggestions? (yes…there have already been students on parent contact…) ;)


Things are honestly crazy right now and I’m trying to balance everything. I do love my job A LOT. I’m enjoying being so much closer and I’ve got a great group of 24 students! :) Thanks for still following and bearing with me as I try to juggle it all!


  1. Hi Katie!

    Your room looks great! Everything will come together :)


  2. Super cute!!! I love all the bright colorful colors! =)

  3. Your classroom looks so organized and cheery! I can tell you are a great teacher :) lots of love, Claire