Curriculum in the Classroom


Here is what we will be using this year at my new school. Almost all of it is new to me. I’m posting this because I would like to know your (teachers) thoughts about them!

First up is Lucy Calkins. To be honest, I haven’t heard anything good about her and her programs BUT I am going to see for myself. We are doing the Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop Units of Study. I haven’t quite seen any differences between her workshops and the Readers Workshops by Fountas and Pinnell. (which I think is MUCH easier to read)

LucyCalkinsNext up is Words Their Way. I used this last year in my 4th grade classroom. Although, I didn’t have the main book (the picture below) and this book is SO helpful! :) I am excited to implement this again but have a better understanding of the program. 


This year, Arkansas will be implementing Common Core Standards in grades 3-5. The district that I am in started implementing CGI Math in the past year or so. Basically, this math is based on questioning and exploration. The teacher does not give strategies, only asks questions to further students’ thinking. The students use manipulatives to find different ways to solve the problems given. I’m excited to start this! :) CGI

So, what programs do you use? Any of these? Any advice?! :)


  1. I'm an Arkansas teacher as well. I use Lucy Calkins on my own for writing. I find that the 3-5 is very advanced for my third graders. I use the primary units and add to them as I see fit. I would like to see the reading units of study, but that's a lot of money not to like something.

    We are also beginning the CGI adventure. I am excited,but nervous as well. I would love to hear how you like everything once you start using it.


    1. Awesome Mandy! Where in Arkansas?! My team also says the same thing, that it's a bit advanced but we use the alternative units in the small book. :)

  2. Lucy Caulkins is amazing. Her work and F&P are both published by the same company, Heinemann, so they both share the same school of thought on many teaching methods. Sounds like a great year ahead!
    Love your classroom photos!

    1. Thanks for your positive words Melanie! I'm looking forward to this awesome new set of curriculum! :)