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How quickly a week passes when I realize, holy smokes, I haven’t blogged! Well we have been super duper busy around here. My friend Erin posted this 100 Things to Do This Summer list on facebook and I HAD to get busy on it. My summer is seriously dwindling down and I wanted to get some more fun activities in while I can. So I made it into a 50 Things List because some of those things just weren’t realistic for a four year old and our local area.

50ThingsWe visited a new restaurant called Five Guys (this was NOT on the list). It was delicious and even Audrey liked it. AudreyTryp and mommy did lots of running around together. :)MeandTrypI worked on this Reading Binder (which is not quite complete). A post to come soon.ReadingBinderI spent some much needed time laying out by the pool and ended up with this…a sunburn. I should have known better! SunburntWe went to the farmers market and this WAS on the list. Yummy!FarmersmarketJuicy watermelon with a little salt. MY FAVORITE! WatermelonWe also went swimming with a NEW float. Tryp can swim out in the water on his own now.July6d

Audrey was very festive for the 4th but we didn’t do much. Just saw a parade in downtown Springdale BUT it was scorching hot and Audrey didn’t care too much for the fire truck sirens.July6e

We went on a family bike ride. Early mornings are the best. It’s still cool out!

July6hAudrey was ready to rock n roll! July6fAfter our bike ride we spent $1.00 on some bread and went to feed the ducks. July6jTryp really enjoyed this. I thought he would be scared of the ducks but he wasn’t! :)July1cOnce the ducks realized we were tossing bread, they all came running our direction!July6gAudrey wasn’t too sure about the ducks but she was able to give me a toothy grin! Look at those new top teeth!July6iMy first picture of me and both of my kids. Seriously. I’m usually the one behind the camera.July1bSo sweet. Audrey loves to give out kisses. Mainly to daddy and mommy is okay with that. July6a


  1. So many classic summer activities! Also, their smiles are precious.

  2. We love Five Guys! Your family is too cute! Now that's July, I am back in school mode. I have a lot of new ideas I want to try out this year. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Your photos are awesome! Looks like you guys had a great day! And the farmers market is on my list of something to do VERY soon!!! =)

    1. Thanks Johannah! :) Love getting fresh yummy fruit from the farmer's markets! ;)

  4. You take great pictures! It looks like you and your family are having some great summer fun! I am giving away a $20 TPT gift certificate. Come visit and enter to win! :)

    Delighted in Second

  5. You have such a cute little family.. We have a five guys over by us and that place is dangerous.. in a good way though! ;)

  6. Love the update! And I LOVE Tryp's freckles! I am hoping that one of the my kiddos gets my freckles :)