Summer Bucket List {for the Classroom}

So I only have about a month left before I start teaching again! Well new teacher training starts on July 18th and then the kids return on August 1st! I know I know, my time is running out. So I thought it would be best if I compiled all the ideas I have for my classroom, sort of like a ‘to-do’ list if you will. So these ideas are not in any particular order but here we go… (all ideas were found on Pinterest)

So I’ve honestly NEVER seen this before but it’s GENIUS! I’m thinking that this will be a great idea during reading workshop. Let the students turn over their chairs and read in comfort. My mom and I are already discussing how to make inexpensive pillows.



I am crazy about this hall pass sign! I forgot about it last year but I’m doing it this time! Basically the kids put the clothespin on their shirt and you don’t have to worry about germ-y passes being used by all the kids. I am going to be getting the supplies to make this ASAP!:)



This isn’t something that I need to make but I love the use of these hula-hoops as an interactive Venn diagram. I just wanted to add this to remind me to purchase some cheap hula-hoops sometime!



I am crazy about these glitter clothespins. I love glitter. Did you hear me say that I LOVE glitter. So I actually had everything on hand to make these glitter clothespins. I made some today and will be sharing it soon on the ole’ blog.:)



I have lots of cubbies around my new classroom and I like things to look clean, organized, and uniform. I love the idea of the burlap but I would use a different color ribbon at the bottom that matches my theme. Can I get burlap cheap? I’ll have to look into that one and do LOTS of measuring and recruit my momma to sew for me!:)



This is such a cool idea to help create classroom community. I want to make one of these of my students names’! This is something I need to remember right before school and then frame it in a cute frame!



I currently have a pink filing crate that I use for student files but I put “take home” on the front because that’s where the students kept their take home folders. I am going to relabel it with student files. 



I currently keep my bulletin board decorations in a pink bucket. It’s not unorganized but I could definitely make MORE bulletin boards if I had things organized! This little gadget below is going to solve my problems…who would have thought?! A cd organizer! I’m going to buy a small one because I don’t have that many letters but I’m excited to use this to organize!



I’m excited about doing Writer’s Workshop and I want to see where my kids are at so I love the idea of making a clip chart. I’m also going to be incorporating owls into my classroom this year so I’m loving this writing process chart. Except, it’s a tad busy for me and the colors don’t match my theme so I’m thinking about making my own!



I also found this super cute crate bench. This is really cheap and easy to make and I’ve recruited Mr. B to help me with this project. I’m thinking about making one for my classroom library and I love the idea of storing things in the baskets.:)



Since I’m adding owls to our classroom theme I thought I would do the first bulletin board with a tree and owls welcoming the new kiddos to our classroom. I LOVE this tissue paper tree but I will remove the red. What do you think? Most of the time owls are on branches and this tree won’t have any branches. Suggestions? 



This makes my heart sing. I love the organization of this focus board. I won’t be able to display my objectives on something that small but I like the idea of keeping it all together. I’ll use this to guide me…



Another one of these heart singing pictures. Look at her amazing organization! The main thing that I liked about this picture is her use of the filing cabinet. I love how she decorated it and made it a part of every day use. I’m definitely going to implement some of these ideas.



One of my very very favorite bloggers is Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade. She is so cute and has the best ideas. Well I used her I Pick chart last year and this year I want to try to use the Bravo Board which is for group points. If the groups earn 15 points for the week then they can learn with their shoes off on Friday. (free fun!) I also was trying to think of a good way to display class jobs. I won’t be able to use the filing cabinet if I use the ideas above but we will see how placement and all that goes.:)I am also going to use the clip chart class management and want to come up with some cute sayings related to owls, kind of like how she did the Hollywood theme. Again, suggestions are welcome!



I love the colors of these paper lanterns. They are pretty close to my color scheme. I have a couple ideas for the library and one of them is to hang these above the library. I’m just not sure yet.

JCPenney Paper Lanterns



So what do you think? I have my work cut out for me and I have a short amount of time so I better get busy. I’ll be posting my projects and then of course my classroom reveal during the last part of July. What is on your summer bucket list?



SamanthaJune 18, 2012 - 2:31 am

I’ve never seen the idea about flipping the chairs either. I’ll have to remember that for my future classroom! I LOVE that objectives board…it’s perfect.

CassandraJune 18, 2012 - 2:43 am

I love your ideas! And, the use of the filing cabinet would be awesome!

KarenJune 18, 2012 - 6:06 am

Love all those ideas! You can get the burlap at Joannes with a coupon for 40 or 50% off.

Mrs. L. JordanJune 18, 2012 - 12:23 pm

Wow! Awesome! I love your thoughts!
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RhondaJune 18, 2012 - 8:38 pm

I’m not sure where you live, but IKEA has pillows (really nice that last through the wash!!!) for…wait for it…99 CENTS!!!! I couldn’t believe it myself, but they are there!!! You can’t make them for that!

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