Parenting Tip Thursday (No. 10)



Welcome back! Today is all about Discipline. I hate disciplining my kids, well actually just Tryp at this point but I hate it. It’s so hard. I don’t want to make him upset or hurt him but I know that it’s the right thing to do.

The discipline that God talks about in Proverbs 22.15 is disciplining in love for your children’s success and not because you’re mad at them. Never discipline in anger.

Want to know how to discipline in love?

Use “deliberate disobedience”.

Looks like this: You ask your child not to pick something up and they pick it up anyway,  that is deliberate disobedience. Deliberate disobedience calls for a spanking. When you establish a rule, and they know it’s a rule and disobey anyway, that’s deliberate disobedience.

Explain to them: “This is deliberate disobedience and for that, there is discipline.”

Make sure that they know what they are being disciplined for. It’s not for touching the toy or writing on the walls- it’s for deliberate disobedience! You want to be clear with them and not point out everything they do wrong so there isn’t any confusion. Just lump it under one category- yep, you guessed it- deliberate disobedience.

I want my kids to understand that why they disobey that calls for discipline. For example, when they become adults and their boss asks them to do something by a certain time, if they reply with “I don’t care what time you want it done, I’m not doing it”. That is deliberate disobedience and they will most likely have discipline for that.

It’s impossible to have long lasting success without obedience, especially obedience to God. We teach our kids it’s okay to rebel when we don’t address this issue!

-Rebellion leads to not being able to hold down a job.

-Not following directions leads to getting fired.

-Doing things their own way leads to a rut and chasing their own tail because of countless mistakes.

-Having to start over again and again leads to failure.


Don’t set your kids up for failure. I know I don’t want my kids to fail. Start making small changes in the way you discipline. I have and it’s not been easy but I know that I’m grooming and that grooming can sometimes take a while. Check back next week for more specific situations and guidance for disciplining.  


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  1. I like how you said to make it clear the difference between direct disobedience and not pointing out everything they do wrong. I think that's key!

  2. Great post! I agree with what you Your link goes to the wrong link.