Organizing the Pantry



I couldn’t take it any more. Honestly. Our pantry was a disaster. It was holding a bunch of random stuff that doesn’t have a home. I had purchased some organizing bins in the past hoping to get things organized but it didn’t work out so well. (Obviously, see the before side) I took action though and got everything organized in a way that works for us. That is the key when organizing…we can see lots of other ideas about how to organize but you really have to make it work for you and your family.

We have been trying to eat healthier meals. Meals that require LESS from the pantry so it may appear to you that our pantry is rather bare. That’s a-ok with me because most of the stuff you would have in your pantry is stuff that is processed and really un healthy for your body.

The top shelf had light bulbs, batteries, plastic ware, lunch boxes, recipe books, etc. I used a white bin to collect all the plastic ware. Found a new home for light bulbs. Cleaned up the recipe books and moved them to the bottom shelf. Cleaned up the battery collection and put them in the corner. Overall I’m very pleased with this shelf. 

The second shelf was a catch-all had everything on it. In a crazy mess. We keep the baking goods in one of those brown bins. We also keep pastas in the other. Then we keep staples like syrup, olive oil, and peanut butter and very few canned items.

The third shelf has chips, nuts, a white basket with veggies (onions, sweet potatoes, garlic, etc.), formula (Audrey’s staple food…), a basket with her finger foods –not home made :(- protein powder and then a basket with random packets (hot chocolate, oatmeal, etc.).

The bottom shelf used to be a catch all. It had candles and baggies and empty egg cartons and extra mason jars and seriously?! That’s crazy. Random. So I cleaned it up. I stored the candles into a container on the bottom floor and organized. :)


It makes me feel good to open the pantry now. I would eventually like to get bins that all match because I’m OCD like that but I’m making due with what I already had.

What about your pantry? Is it organized or is it a catch-all behind a closed door like mine was before?

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