Happy 11 Months Audrey Girl!


DSC_3414Dear Audrey Mayne,

You will be a year old in ONE STINKING MONTH! I can’t believe how quickly time is flying. I know I say that every month. Right now I can’t say that you are the best baby ever because you have been teething for 2 weeks straight. Mommy and daddy are really tired. Really. Tired. We love you though. Lots and Lots.

DSC_3156 copyYou are still wearing size 4 diapers and 12 month clothes. You seem to be slimming down, a little. You have tiny feet and have not been able to fit into any of your cute sandals for this summer. We may just save them for next summer because I doubt your feet will grow much.

DSC_3221You are still consuming quite a few bottles and eating pureed baby food. We have tried giving you chunkier baby food and you gag on it. :) Oops. You do enjoy yogurt bites and puff bites. You have had a bite of egg, a bite of turkey and drank water from MY cup the other day. You don’t care for sippy cups though and that’s okay. In due time. The lady at daycare said you are a really good eater. (We already knew that!)

DSC_3230 copyYou enjoy playing with some of your loose toys but you would rather practice standing up at your musical/toy table. Your very favorite thing to do is play with daddy. He can always make you smile and laugh. :) You light up when bubba (Tryp) sits and plays stuff with you. I can always count on that time to get things done! (haha)

DSC_3251Your favorite songs right now are: “You Are My Sunshine…”, “I Love You A Bushel and A Peck…”, “Daddy loves you/Mommy loves you…”, and “Jesus Loves Me”. We can usually sing these songs to calm you down or make you smile. They have been especially helpful during this time of teething.

DSC_3479We are proud to announce that your top two front teeth have FINALLY broke through but you are still struggling with discomfort. I hope you aren’t addicted to Tylenol/Motrin now. I’m  pretty sure we are going to have to get you back on track as far as sleeping in concerned.

DSC_3257You are getting pretty brave and try to balance on your own but you don’t quite have the standing thing down yet. You are very enthusiastic about standing/walking/etc. I can’t wait to watch you continue to grow. Although I don’t want time to go by so fast. I can’t have everything I want. I love you so much. We love you so much and are SO thankful for you. A sweet sweet blessing. 





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  1. I am new to your blog and think your family is just adorable!

  2. So adorable! Time fles doesn't it??!! Do you have big plans for her first birthday??