Guest Post: DIY Anthropologie Inspired Fabric Necklace


Today I asked one of my dear friends Jennifer to guest post because she has the BEST blog and the coolest DIY projects! I’m working on some projects of my own but to keep you busy this summer I thought I would have her share one of her own! :) Thanks Jenn so much for posting. Jennifer is the sweetest girl out there and her family is SUPER cute! So glad that God brought her into my life.
Hey everyone!

It's Jennifer from Blissfully Ever After!

I want to thank Katie so much for having me guest post today.  Katie is such an amazing wife, mother, blogger, and leader in her community and I am honored to have met her and to have the opportunity to spend some time with her a few weeks ago in Los Angeles, California. We had a blast!

Ok, so If you love to craft as much as I do…and complete projects on a budget, then this is the post for you! I kept seeing these adorable fabric necklaces on everybody and when I asked where they bought them….their answers are dead giveaways that they were expensive. I try to be frugal whenever possible, so spending a lot of money on one necklace was not an option. So what did I do?  I made one myself!

Here is a fun, inexpensive, and relatively easy DIY craft project that I am sure you will receive tons of compliments on every time you wear it!

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Fabric Necklace {on a budget}

Supplies you’ll need:

White and black felt {I purchased felt squares from Hobby Lobby}
Necklace chain {18-24” works best}
Fabric {I purchased these 3’ fabric packs from Craft Warehouse}
Glue gun
Two difference size circle shapes {I used an old cup & a spice jar}

After you gather your supplies, begin by tracing and cutting out the smaller circles out of the felt. Make sure to cut one circle a little larger than the others and this will be your middle flower for the necklace. Since my necklace had 5 flowers, I cut out 5 smaller felt circles.

Here’s what they look like cut out

Next, take your fabric{s} of choice and begin tracing the larger circle onto them. For each felt circle you cut out you will need 7-8 fabric circles. It is a lot of circles, so you might get dizzy!

I ended up cutting out 40 fabric circles! You’ll see why next :]
After all of your fabric circles are cut out, you will begin folding them into a flower petal and hot gluing them to your felt circle.

Glue the first petal into the middle of the felt circle and then glue the remaining “petals” around it to form a flower.

This is what each flower should look like when you are done.

Next, create a solid backing for your flowers. Take another sheet of felt and your smaller circle shape you used earlier to make the felt circles and determine the layout for your flowers on the necklace. I took my spice jar and traced 5 circles on the felt in the design I wanted for my necklace to be. Cut out around the outer edge of your circle to create a solid backing design like the one shown in the picture above.

Once the backing is cut out, lay it flat and place one end of your necklace chain on one end of the backing. You want your chain to be glued in between your backing and your fabric flower.

After the ends of your necklace chain is glued in between the outside two flowers, begin gluing on the remaining flowers to the felt backing.

This is what your finished product will look like

 I get stopped every time I wear one of these necklaces and am asked where I bought it from. When I tell people I made it, they are surprised! I then direct them to my blog for ideas and now they can finally see how I made it. How fun!
Thanks for sticking around…I know this was a long post.

Good luck making your very own Anthropologie Inspired Fabric Necklace.

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