Elaina’s Photography


I am so blessed. I have truly amazing friends in my life. Honestly. I have a sweet friend that I met 8 years ago at our job at Community First Bank. We became friends instantly because we are the same age! We realized we had some of the same interests and I realized she was a person I could really trust.

Fast forward to now…we are both married with kids and precious Elaina is about to welcome her second child into this world. Carleigh Brielle. I can’t wait to meet her. I told Elaina I would love to take her maternity pictures and pictures of sweet Carleigh when she gets here. (for practice and because I just love taking pictures) So here are some of the shots that I took…


Isn’t she gorgeous?


This is her handsome husband Colby and their sweet little Addison! (And baby belly Carleigh) IMG_8962c

I love capturing shots that aren’t planned…


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