CrossFit Results


I had heard of CrossFit sometime last year and was intrigued but never thought I would be that into it. I definitely was having a harder time losing the baby baggage that comes after pregnancy/birth/breast feeding etc. I knew I had to do something and this  new gym opened up. I was ready to start so I jumped on in. My mindset wasn’t right because I wanted to see results after one month. I started to get discouraged after not seeing immediate results and then I remembered that these things can take time so to actually see a difference after 3.5 months of doing CrossFit…I am thrilled that I am starting to see changes!

So here are the numbers:

Before CrossFit (last week of February 2012)

Weight: 136 (gained 8 lbs. during my first month of CrossFit so actually 144)

Bust: 35

Waist: 36

Hips: 37

Butt: 39

Thighs: 23

Now after 3.5 months of CrossFit (June 14, 2012)

Weight: 135

Bust: 34

Waist: 33

Hips: 36

Butt: 37

Thighs: 21.5

So of course the changes happen in the areas that I don’t really want them to happen in (aka bust and butt) but I am glad to see that I am losing inches. My husband and I have both been able to see a huge difference in my waist (the area between bust and belly button) but I want to see more results in the hips area. Perseverance pays off! I can tell a difference now in the way my clothes are fitting and I’m the most important thing of all is that I feel GREAT! I am generally sore because I’m constantly working and building muscles but overall I feel good. I can lift and move and do things that I never could before. And what you have all been waiting for…a picture of course…I don’t have a before but here is what I look like now! :) CrossFitResultsAudrey is going to turn a year old next month and I still have a ways to go with CrossFit but I just wanted to share with you what’s working for me. Next Wednesday you’ll find my post titled What I'm Eating Wednesday where I’ll tell you what I’m eating now. Much different than before and MUCH different than when I was meal planning. We are a LOT healthier now! 


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  1. how exciting! you look great! you've inspired me!

    1. Thanks Kimberley! Still a work in progress and if I can do it then anyone can do it because I had ZERO muscle when I started! :)

  2. You look great! Congratulations on your results and just in time for summer!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I love doing CrossFit because it's fun too! :) I found your blog and love it!

  3. Hello, this is my first time visiting you site. And I literally googled "feeling discouraged after first month of Crossfit" How refreshing your blog is! And, thank you for posting a picture. You look just like me! I have a 16 month old. It does take time. Thank you thank you thank you! And, you look great. Your abs are looking defined. I bet that is a great feeling!