Classroom Jobs Chart


Today I’m linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics: Made It Monday. :)

Today I’m going to show you how to make your classroom jobs chart…let’s get started. You will need these things:

I have my calendar that matches my room theme, mainly to keep my eye on the prize. I also have one of the hubs’ old white t-shirts, some beautiful turquoise ribbon that matches my theme, my classroom job signs, thermal laminating pouches from Wal-Mart, a hot glue gun, an iron, and the craft ironing board.

I made these job chart signs to match my theme. If you would like a set for yourself you can get them from my shop here. I printed my job chart signs on cardstock.

Open up your package of laminating pouches and insert one of your job chart signs. Lay out the t-shirt on the ironing board.

Slide the pouch into the t-shirt so that there is material surrounding the pouch. (Why do my arms look so hairy here?! They are not! lol)

Get iron happy. :)

Keep on ironing. I honestly can’t tell you an exact time but I let it sit for about 30 seconds and then I would move it to another section and let it sit. You can pull it out periodically and check to see if it is sealed. If not, keep ironing my friends. Ta-da. Completely sealed. Lamination makes my heart sing. So does glitter. So does my husband. And my kids…okay so my heart is always singing. ;)

Keep laminating all the sheets until you are finished.

Break out that gorgeous turquoise ribbon. Hobby Lobby must have recently got this in because I have never laid eyes on it before! Hot glue the ribbon down the back of the laminated sheets, centered of course. :) Make sure NOT to get hot glue on your leg! Ouch!

I left a small amount of space (inch?) between each paper.  And the final product:

I will write my students names on clothespins and then move them weekly or bi-weekly. I haven’t quite decided yet. Last year I did bi-weekly but might try something different this year! Some jobs will have more than one student like paper managers and clean up patrol.

So what do you think? I didn’t realize that I laminate things at home until I saw the pin fly across my pinterest feed one day!

You can find my jobs here at my teacher shop! :)

Impress them on your kids…


I’m currently doing a Beth Moore bible study titled Jesus the One and Only. It’s one of her older studies but my goal from this study is to grow my faith in Jesus and learn stories and versus so that I can impress them on my children. Without having to pull out books. Not that books are bad but I would love to be able to talk to Tryp about Jesus more. So last night I did the introduction and one of the verses that we looked up was Dueteronomy 6:4-9 and it really hit home. It talks about my goal to impress them(God’s words) on my children. So I decided to make a printable. Click the picture to download your own. :)


Made It Monday: Hall Pass Sign


I’ve been plugging away at my summer bucket list for the classroom because I have, are you ready, 22 days left before I start district training. Yes, that is it my friends. Kids come back on August 1st for me so I’m trying to get it all crammed in. :)

I had so much fun linking up to 4th Grade Frolics last week and met so many new teachers that I wanted to do it again! I probably will until I run out of projects! :)

DIY Hall Pass Sign ButtonOn my summer bucket list I posted this:


I decided to give it a whirl. It didn’t look too hard and it really wasn’t! The hardest part is waiting for paint to dry! ;) My classroom colors are staying the same from last year but this year I am adding owls and more crafty things since my room is going to be 30 x 30! :)


So here is what you will need:


Paint (many colors: background and dots)


Paint pens (white and black)


Fine point Sharpie

4-6 Clothespins

Glue gun (not shown)

Ribbon (not shown)

Sand paper (not shown)

Circle Stencil (anything that you can use as a circle guide)

When I unwrapped the board I realized that I could easily get a splinter if I wasn’t careful so the first thing I did was sand all the edges smooth.

MIM16MIM21MIM19MIM20Then I took the board outside and spray painted it blue. The hardest part, again, was just waiting for that to dry. I did several coats because I don’t like to see the wood grain/lines through the paint.

MIM1Using the stencil I began marking the circles and filling them in….which required several coats to get them looking good.

MIM2MIM3Once I felt like the circles were good, I had to let them dry. In fact, I think we went ahead and went to Wal Mart and when I came back they were dry enough for me to start the next part.

MIM4As you can see in my theme pictures earlier, the poster has the white stitches and I love that look so I figured I could incorporate it on this project! If you get the paint pen just right you won’t have to do a second round and you won’t have a big mess. Those paint pens can be tricky.

MIM6MIM5Once everything was really dry I whipped out the black paint pen. I did not have one of these on hand so I bought it. I wanted the big chisel tip. It’s time to write the words Hall Pass and I just do mine free hand and mine don’t look near as good as the original one but it will do! ;)MIM7MIM11I got this ric rac on sale at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be perfect for my little project. I burned the edges so it wouldn’t fray. MIM10Then I hot glued it to the back. Like so…MIM8It’s time to make the actual passes instead of just the holder. :) The easiest part really. Just write your last name on both sides of the clothespins because they are what the students will actually take (wear) to the bathroom. :)MIM17MIM18It is complete! I think it turned out pretty cute and the colors match my theme well. MIM12MIM13

Now it’s your turn. GO make one! Winking smile

Thanks for stopping by y’all!



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Natural Detoxification Tips




What can you do to enhance your body’s natural processes?  Well, the good news is that it’s really not that hard to improve your body’s detox systems—and the result is that you will most likely have more energy, fewer skin issues, and fewer minor digestive complaints.  The starting point is a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  I strongly urge folks to stay away from fast foods, as eating chemical-laden, often fried foods adds a HUGE burden of toxins for your body to process!  Vegetables and whole grains are rich in fiber and help bind toxins and harmful metabolites so they can be excreted. 

Here are five tips to support your body’s detoxification systems:

•Eat more whole grains.  When choosing breads and cereals, look for phrases such as “100% whole wheat/whole grain,” and choose breads that provide at least 3 grams of fiber per serving, as well as cereals that provide at least 5 grams fiber per serving.

•Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit—not sodas.  Fresh fruit is generally low in calories but high in fiber.  One cup of fresh blackberries or raspberries has about 8 grams of fiber.  One medium-sized pear or apple has 4 grams.

•Eat your veggies.  Vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber.  One artichoke has 5 grams of fiber, and a potato (eaten with the skin) provides 5 grams.

•Ladle up some legumes.  Beans and legumes are low in fat and versatile (great in soup, on salads, or as a vegetarian entree).  A serving of beans provides about 6 to 8 grams of fiber but are considered a carb so be sure to balance our your meal.

•Drink more water.  I recommend at least six glasses of plain water per day.  Carry a water bottle with you (make sure it’s BPA free) and commit to refilling it at least three times per day! 


Your digestive system and your skin will thank you.

What do you do for your skin?

Have a great weekend! :)


What I Eat Wednesday


So last week I did a post about my CrossFit results and I mentioned that I would share what I eat now. Hank and I started following The Zone eating plan or diet. I hate the word diet because it’s not really a diet, we honestly want a lifestyle change. I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s pretty hard to stick to an eating plan. I’ve tried and failed several times. I’m that person who could work out all the time but would still want to eat junk food! :) I love sweets. LOVE them. So here is a picture of what the zone is all about.



So basically it’s all about blocks of food. If you go to the source/link above it will give you examples of the blocks. It’s really hard for me to explain but we figured it out. We bought a scale so we could measure our food portions.

Here is an example of my day in food:

(I’m a small female- 2 block meals and 2 block snacks)

Breakfast: Protein Shake recipe (1 cup of milk=1 block of protein, 1 block of carbs, 1 tbsp. Shaklee protein powder= 1 block of protein, 1 cup of frozen strawberries= 1 block of carbs and 6 almonds=2 blocks of fats)

Snack: 1/2 cup of cottage cheese (2 blocks of protein), 1/2 cup of pineapple (2 blocks of carbs), and 6 almonds (2 blocks of fats).

Lunch: 3 oz. of chicken (2 blocks of proteins) on a corn tortilla(1 block of carbs) topped with 1/4 cup of black beans (1 block of carbs) and smear 2 tbsp. of avocado on the tortilla (2 blocks of fats).

Snack: 2 oz. of turkey (deli meat) (2 blocks of proteins), 1 peach (1 block of carbs), 1 cucumber (1 block of carbs) and 1 tsp. of peanut butter on a spoon :) (2 blocks of fats).

Dinner: 2 Eggs (2 blocks of protein), 1 slice of toast (2 blocks of carbs), and 1 tsp. of peanut butter on the toast (2 blocks of fats). So it seems like a lot of measuring, which it is at first but we eventually were able to memorize what the measurements were and it became easy. This plan is a lifestyle change and it’s not always easy but it’s worth it to be healthy. :)

My sweet date…


Now that summer is here I had big plans for me and my kiddos but reality is time flies and things don’t go as planned.

I planned 2 weeks ago that I would have a day for just me and Tryp. The two of us. Where we could spend some QT together. :) I love him so much and it was nice to enjoy a day where I could focus solely on him. So last Wednesday we had our day together.

First thing planned for our day was a trip to the Bentonville Public Library for Pre-School Read Aloud. We read a few books together before story time began. Tryp really likes Curious George right now. I don’t even know where it came from but he chose a Curious George book at the library and then has been watching Curious George on Netflix lately. It’s cute though!

Tryp1The library also has a really cool fish tank with a lot of flowy fishy type plants. I totally have no idea what they are called. Tryp enjoyed looking at them! :)

Tryp2After the library we went Sports Clips to get his haircut. He was due for one.

photo (3)

Then we wen to Chick Fil A to have lunch with Hanky and Audrey.

After lunch we went to Splash Park on the Bentonville Square. I thought it would be something he would enjoy. He was VERY hesitant at first because he doesn’t like water splashing in his face (or at least water splashing that he doesn’t control). So it took him a while to warm up to it but eventually he got brave enough to get close to the fountains, stand on them, and have a great time!

Tryp5Tryp6Tryp3Tryp4Isn’t he just precious? I love the little freckles! He loves to say, “Mommy, I don’t love you.” Which usually causes me to say something like, “Awwww” (and make a sad face). In which he replies, “No, no mommy, I don’t love you. I love you to the moon and back.” What a little booger! :) So glad that I got to spend some time with him. Love my trooper.