An update…


I have been a little MIA lately and it’s because life has taken over and left very little time to jot things down a.k.a. blog.

What’s been going on lately?

-School has officially come to a close as of yesterday at 12 PM. I am finished with my second year of teaching. I hope those fourth graders learned something from me! :)

-Hank’s job is talking about going to rotating shifts. You may not be familiar with that phrase but basically it means that they may switch shifts as frequently as 3 months, 5 months, or even 3 years. We don’t know exactly what is going to happen yet but I just know that it’s going to drive this planner/scheduler INSANE. :)

-Hank has made TONS of homemade baby food in some really fun flavors and he was even awesome enough to take pictures so I’ll have to work on getting those posted to the blog! Love him!

-Mother’s Day was a hit. My sweet husband and kiddos got me two new pairs of workout shorts for Crossfit and a gift certificate to get a pedicure. I will be going to do that next week! I am so blessed to have two precious babies.

-The big news that I’ve been wanting to share but was not able to is that I’m NOT pregnant but that I got a teaching job in Arkansas! I am beyond happy about this because it’s 20 minutes from my house. It’s in Bentonville at a school with a nontraditional calendar (also known as a year round school). Yes, they still get a short summer break. I will be teaching 3rd grade! This is such a huge blessing for our family and we are grateful for it!

-Next week I’ll be heading to L.A. to meet some more Shaklee girls. (Erin, Jennifer, and Allison)

-My very sweet friend, Elaina, is about to have her second baby in July and I’m hosting her baby shower tomorrow. So I’ve been preparing lots of things for that, which I will hopefully find time to post pictures of! (Summer break=more time)

-My Parenting Tip Thursday posts will be returning again next week but if you are dying to learn more you can get the home study program here. I promise this information won’t let you down!

-I love doing blog design on the side. It’s one of my million hobbies but I love doing digital things on the computer. Check out my latest design: Healthy Branscoms. Yes, you may have noticed that I changed my design too. It may change again soon. I’m not completely happy with it so I’m going to keep messing around with it. Bear (or is it bare?) with me! 


Well that’s pretty much all of the update I can give. My memory is pretty much shot. Why didn’t someone tell me that happens after you have kids?


  1. I found your blog through Healthy Branscoms and have been reading for a few months. I'm commenting because I live in Bentonville and my hubs works at the high school. Welcome to our school district!!!

  2. Busy mama! Congrats on the new job.

  3. Congrats Katie! I will be wishing I was with you and the girls in LA. Have a blast and learn lots!! Hope to see you again soon :)

  4. Congrats, Kate! So happy for you. I like the green & pink! I'm redoing my blog now that I have some time. :) Miss you!