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I just realized that my last post was my 100th post! Holy smokes! I feel like it's time to do a giveaway! Who likes giveaways? This girl! :) So after today's post I'll tell you more about the giveaway!

Recently my husband and I have been super serious about saving money and getting healthy. You already know about how we've been getting healthy in our home and guess what? Getting healthy is also helping us to save money! I want to share with you lots of details about how we spend too much money! We are so guilty of it too.

Being frugal isn't a day and night change, it is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle choice. Either you choose to be frugal and thrifty or you don't. I still struggle to make this lifestyle change but I love when I make good choices to be frugal and become a minimalist! :)

Generally people like to have the best of the best. I was the same way and this includes cleaning supplies too. Now of course, I realize that I DO have the best of the best and it saves me money and is helping me and my family!

One question I get from friends and family when they are interested in making the healthier switch to Shaklee is "Where do I start?" I am going to show you where to get started. When you "Shakleeize" your house with safe cleaning products, it is a lifestyle change. You will change your health and your budget.

Let's talk laundry…
Before the start of this year we used to be exclusive Tide users so I speak from experience with this particular brand. And I even fell for the little .25 coupons. It doesn't make much of a difference. It is still ridiculously expensive and definitely a luxury. Don't even get me started on the health and safety factor!
They are really brilliant marketers. They come up with fun stuff like this! Is it really hard to just pour some soap in? Does it have to come in a "pod?" This is a luxury folks. And if you have ANY debt whether it be a mortgage, credit card debt, or whatever  (like me) we need to AVOID luxuries (stupid luxuries I might add)!
Honestly, is that even safe for us! Did you know that whatever you wash your clothes in leaves residue and can be absorbed into your skin and into your bloodstream. So scary!
Here is the cost breakdown:

Pods $19 per 77 loads which is .24 per load.
Regular tide $18 per 72 loads which is .25 per load.
Shaklee Laundry Soap is $40 per 224 loads which is .17 per load.

I KNOW what is in Shaklee and how safe it is. Save your health and your wealth! You can click HERE to purchase the Shaklee Laundry Soap.

Shout is something I used to use before we found Shaklee. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. But now that I know now what I know about the chemicals, it scary to think about what we put our kids around! Plus I did find a more economical alternative so this helps. $5 to get out stains?? Seriously? You KNOW people fall for this. And if you aren’t using this all the time it can loose it’s effectiveness over time. You can purchase the Nature Bright HERE. One container of the nature bright can be used for carpets, laundry, upholstery, and tons of other uses! My friend Julia used it to get nail polish out of her suede couches!
I do not have experience with oxyclean. However I did notice the price and it made me almost want to puke. We have a $100 grocery budget. And that includes cleaning supplies, diapers, and food. If I blew almost 10% of my budget on oxyclean, what do you think that does for my family food budget?
I purchase the Nature Bright from Shaklee  for nearly the same price and it lasts me several months. I  get tons of stains out with it! It’s crazy! (Spaghetti stains, marker, formula, etc!) It is safe for the environment and my family's skin.
$10 for Downy? We used to be Downy people. I was the girl that spent probably almost $300 every week at Wal-Mart in groceries because MOST of it was cleaning supplies. Ridiculous!  I am SO glad that I no longer spend money like that!
I also hate seeing this: Do not use on children's sleepwear, fluffy fabrics, fleece, velour, chenille, or terry cloth. Do you actually sort your laundry and wash your children's jammies separate? If it isn't safe enough for my kids jammies, I don't want it! This is just more chemicals to be put into their bloodstream via absorbed into their skin anyway.I just want to use ONE product that is good enough for every type of clothing! I don't have time to think about fleeces, velour, jammies, etc. :)
To be honest, when I did a price comparison on Shaklee vs. Bounce and Downy, Bounce and Downy were cheaper. However I remember reading a study awhile back about how when lab rats were exposed to bounce dryer sheets they died after a few days. Gross. I don't want that in my kiddos bloodstream via their skin. There are some scary chemicals in there!

Shaklee dryer sheets are .10 cents per load or .05 cents if you cut them in half (which I do). You can click HERE to purchase the Shaklee dryer sheets.

Onto the bathrooms… (my least favorite chore)
Sorry I didn't get the price on this one. I can't remember what it was either but I am guessing around $3 per bottle? I was just so freaked by the contents that I forgot! I hate how it says "keep out of reach of children." Did you know that with Shaklee's products, my kids clean all of the time? I always wonder, if you use it to clean your bathtub and then your child bathes in it, you KNOW it is next to impossible to bathe your child without exposing them to the residue. With the basic h2 I don’t have to worry one bit! You can purchase the Basic h2 HERE.
Use only in a well ventilated area…I don’t know about you guys by our bathrooms are not well ventilated. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors? Wouldn't it be nice to purchase products to clean with that don't have warning labels like this on them and are safe for your kids?
This is the back side of a Comet bottle. Don't you love the term they throw in there "Moderately" irritating to eyes, skin, and mucus membrane. Why don't they just say, this will definitely harm you? Comet is only .97 cents by the way. But are you ready to scrub your tub with it and then bathe your kids in it? Is that .97 worth it to you?
I just use the heavy duty scour off paste. It is made from cherry pits and is super safe to use! You can purchase that HERE. The paste will last a long time! Want to see how I cleaned my utterly disgusting tub? Go HERE.
This is the back of the bleach bottle. Did you know that bleach is the most common household cause of poisonings in children and adults in the home? It is highly carcinogenic. Most people are falsely under the impression that bleach is a good cleaner. It is very dangerous, not only for people but for drains and our water system. A great safer alternative is the Basic G {Germicide}. LOVE this stuff! My kids help me clean with it and it is what I use for my bathrooms and trash cans and for mopping floors where pets are around. You can purchase the Basic G HERE. Did you know that to create a 16 oz. bottle of cleaner you only need 1/8 of a tsp.? VERY frugal. One bottle can make over 64 GALLONS of cleaner and last for several YEARS. The basic G is Shaklee's only toxic product and it is only toxic in the pure form. When it is properly mixed with water it is safe for kids to spray with Mom's help :). This is the only product I keep up because the rest are safe for the kids to spray and this one is too in the spray form. Oh and did I mention it kills over 40 pathogens while Lysol and bleach only kill 9?

To get you to buy 3 you get a $5 gift card. So what are you going to do with 3 cleaners? They will sit on your shelf and you will never remember how many you already own and then you will buy MORE. So if you spent $21.87 on BATHROOM cleaner you get $5? I used think this was logical and now I see it as total waste. And unhealthy waste.Unless you own a housecleaning business WHO is going to use this much in a reasonable amount of time? It is just wasteful and not to mention harmful.

And onto the kitchen...
I’ll admit it. I was a dish soap snob. I used to ONLY use Dawn. Why? Because it made the best smells and I thought it worked the best. Nearly $6 and I was going through it like crazy!  Did you know that Shaklee dish soap is 4x as concentrated and foaming? Meaning it lasts 4x as long because you don't need to use as much. Plus its completely safe for the environment and for your family to safely eat off of dishes washed with it. You can purchase it HERE.
 Onto the floors (I’m the world’s worst about floor cleaning and the floor is one of the most disgusting places! Since I’ve joined Shaklee I’ve gotten so much better!) :)
I have heard some people RAVE about Bona. Once again, does it get the mop out and clean it for you too? Because for $10 You can buy a cleaner that will make 48 GALLONS of cleaner that is safer and WAY more economical than Bona.

Bona is $5.99 per 16 ounce spray bottle
Shaklee is .22 cents per 16 ounce spray bottle. I even throw in a few drops of essential oil to make it smell like lemons! :) Then I drop mop my floor with it and it is SO clean and safe for ANY type of flooring. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that people actually buy that for $6. Who would pay $6 for a spray bottle when they could mix their own for 22 CENTS and it is completely safe? Click HERE for the basic h2 for your floors.

You can just use the nature bright for the tough stains. We have leather and we just use the Basic h2. Spray and wipe! :)
Please don't waste your money. Just email me your address HERE and I will send you a sample! You will NEVER go back to these ridiculous expensive cleaners.It makes me sad people are wasting money on ALL of these products when 2-3 products can do the job of EVERYTHING in your home!

Not only do you need batteries to use this but you need the replacement pads, the spray, and the MOP. Swiffer makers are making a fortune off of you! How do you feel about that? They are laughing ALL the way to the bank because everyday people are paying tons of money for all of these expensive pieces to go with this product that they will constantly need to continue purchasing. And the chemicals inside are not even safe! Do yourself a favor. Get a regular mop and a bottle of basic h2. You will save TONS!
And who uses Fabuloso and Mr. Clean? Just get the basic H2!! By the way it smells like nothing. It is just pure and clean. If you want to add any type of essential oils you can. I love adding citrus scents like lemon and orange to my basic h2 to make our home smell fresh. But sometimes I just leave it out and let it be fragrance free and that is just fine too. Just remember that the "smells" you are smelling are just more added chemicals that you and your family do NOT need to be exposed to!

Check out this price. $2.49 and you get a free dish soap when you buy 3. SERIOUSLY. Please do not tell me you fall for this and actually spend $7.47 to get a stupid free dish soap? Because how long will it take you to use up 3 glass cleaners? They are taking your MONEY and your SPACE on your shelf. Oh and did you KNOW you can make Shaklee glass cleaners for pennies for a bottle? You only need TWO drops of basic h2 to make a 16 ounce bottle. Keep your $7.50 and get a bottle of basic h2.
There are so many more things I could go on about but I’ve given you PLENTY to read!
I just hate looking down the cleaning aisles any more. So many items for so many things that people buy monthly when you can purchase items that will last you for YEARS and save you tons of money. A bottle of basic h2 (all purpose cleaner) can last for up to 10 months before you have to buy more! The basic h2 costs a little over $10 but think about that divided by 10 months is a little over a dollar a month for a healthy cleaner that is safe for you and your kids!!

If you are SERIOUS about saving your family money on cleaning supplies and making your home healthier, these are the following items I recommend for you.

The Basic G {Germicide}

The Get Clean Starter Kit

The Heavy Duty Scour off Paste

These three items will change your home and the way you clean. These are my 3 favorite products to help families save money and get healthy!

Email me for a free sample of basic h2! :) 

What are you doing to save money on cleaning products?

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