Parenting Tip Thursday (No. 9)


Hey guys! I’ve finally made a return to my parenting tip posts. School was getting overwhelming at the end and a reoccurring post was stressing me out. :) So I am back to get these puppies finished. I have learned so much from this series that I want to continue sharing it with everyone reading!
Today is going to be about Correction and Accountability.
You need to speak with authority, nut not as a dictator. Remind your children that you are here for them to succeed. Gird them up so they can be their best!
There are four main words that we need to use to communication for correction and accountability. They are obey, self-control, honor, and patience. (These words are found in the Bible, a lot.)
1. Obey
Remind them to obey immediately before doing anything else. Look them in the eye and say “obey!” When they want to squabble with you, look them in the eye and say “obey!”
2. Self-Control
Do not let your kids scream to get their way. They need to learn self-control and this is where it starts. You should do this the same way you did with obey. Look them in the eye an say “self-control!” Don’t let kids scream their guts out getting attention (especially in public). When we respond to their hysterics and their drama, they know how to gain your attention. They know how to push your buttons. This is manipulation. And, guess what? They will use that in high school, college, and even as an adult.
3. Honor
Instead of them saying: “I’m sorry for calling you a baby.” or “I’m sorry for calling you stupid.” or “I’m sorry for saying that you’re dumb.” Have them say: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me for not honoring you.”
4. Patience
Now there’s always going to be a 2-year-old or even a 16-year-old that wants to interrupt you when you’re talking to someone else. They’ve got an urgent scene or they have to do something right now. This is when you ask, “Can you be patient?” I’ve been trying to get Tryp to put his hand on my arm and to keep his hand there and that lets me know that he needs to tell me something when I’m engaged in a conversation with someone else. When I get a moment I can address him and then tell him what a wonderful job he did at being patient. Like I said, we are working on this. But if they come to interrupt, you should say, “You’re interrupting. Try again.” Then take their hand and put it on your arm and say, “Put your hand here, okay, and wait patiently.”

Come back next week for Disciplining Your Children. :)

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  1. Great tips, I agree with points we need to use to communication for correction and accountability. They are obey, self-control, honor, and patience.