My computer crashed last weekend. Ugh.

We have two laptops but I’m just not used to ::this:: one.

So anyway, I have been MIA for two whole weeks.

I can’t believe it! I was blogging at least 3x a week before.

To be honest, it kind of feels nice! Not spending so much time on the computer.

I have so much going on and so many wonderful things to share but NOT yet. :)

We are down to 12 days left of school and it seems like every day there is something going on which makes our schedule crazy.

We have made several new baby food recipes and the hubs has been great about taking pictures! I’ve got him into blogging too! {haha}

So anyway, that’s all I have for tonight but I promise to play catch up soon and continue with the Parenting Tip Thursday posts and update my fabulous readers on the latest news.

Audrey has 2 teeth now! And is ALMOST crawling. She’s a late bloomer. :)

Happy Tuesday y’all!


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