Happy 10 Months Audrey!


Oh Audrey girl…you have made great gains this month! You are so precious and I know I say this all the time but we LOVE watching you grow. You have two precious bottom teeth and love to show them off…10MonthsAudrey

You weigh at least 19 pounds but I don’t have your latest stats. You eat…ALL THE TIME. We are buying 2 cans of formula a week. For each meal you are consuming several cubes of veggies AND fruit. You take 4-6 oz. bottles regularly and we do not see a sippy cup in your future. Daddy tried one a week ago and you weren’t sure of it. No worries. I won’t have a two year old with a bottle. :) hehehe You are wearing 12 month clothes now and it doesn’t seem like you will ever be in the right size now. You are a chunker!IMG_8863c

In other news, you have two top teeth that are trying to make their appearance and you can clearly see them in the picture below. Your gums are swollen and white and the teeth are SO close! We have been losing sleep around here because of these little toofers so we are eager for them to come in. I think one night you were up every two hours but we haven’t had another night like that since so maybe it’s not the teeth?! Who knows. IMG_8867cAudrey, oh sweet Audrey. Your personality is awesome. You are so happy and laid back and going with the flow of life. And not to mention, you have the absolute cutest expressions ever! You like to mock us now…so I’ve had this horrible allergy cough lately and you think it’s funny to fake cough. You are getting so good at walking when holding on to our hands.


You have started sort of crawling. You rock back and forth when on your hands and knees and then you throw yourself forward and get up on your hands and knees again so you are crawling similar to a caterpillar. Which pretty much equates to you being into everything. EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe now.  IMG_8874cIMG_8875c

Then of course when I tell you no (not to get into that), you look at me like this…IMG_8878cYou are precious Audrey and we love everything about you. I’m scared to think that in just two short months you will be a year old. A whole year. Stop the clock. We Love you princess. (Even though is pretty clear that you love daddy more than mommy but I’m not jealous or anything!)IMG_8889c


  1. How cuuute! You are one blessed mommy! :)

  2. She is so adorable and has the prettiest blue eyes! And your pictures are always so awesome! What kind of camera and lens do you use for the close-up ones? I love them!

  3. Beautiful baby! Love the two little teeth on the bottom!