Parenting Tip Thursday (No.6)



We are continuing the topic of Self Image today! On last week’s parenting tip we talked about Self-Image in regards to:

Life and death is in the power of the tongue.

They glean from your self-image.

Self-Image is passed down.



Today we will continue on talking about Self-Image. It’s really important, you know? It really does shape these little personalities.

Body Image

Self-image and insecurity are the biggest downfalls in adults.

Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceptive, and beauty if fleeting: but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised! bodyimage

If a girl is embarrassed about her body it shows an issue of the heart, you must pay attention! Discern it, sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk. Make sure Christ is on the throne, not their body!

Find out the motivation for “why”. Why are they having issues with their body? Why do they feel uncomfortable about their clothes? Search this out because even from a young age this translates into unhealthy actions as an adult.

Idolatry slips in  at a very young age.

Insecurity slips in at a very young age.

It ruins marriages as well as people’s health.

Poor self-image ranks in the TOP 5 in most counseling sessions.

Acceptance & Identity


A child’s acceptance has to be in Christ and with that it brings their own unique identity. Their identity cannot be rooted in someone else’s identity. It cannot be rooted in someone else’s hairstyle or somebody else’s way to talk and do things. Make sure you raise your child to be their own unique self and that you pay attention to what that is.

Teach your kids to be different and unique. Teach them to embrace their uniqueness, their assets, and their liabilities.

Children need to recognize their own assets and their own liabilities. Understanding and embracing their own identity, not worrying about fitting in or what other people think, for this is the fear of man and it will prove to be a snare.

When they don’t learn these things they receive the fear of rejection. This is where they take offense; this is where they judge because they have been judged. This is the fruit of their identity being unstable. They think people are out to get them! They think everyone is against and not for them! This line of character and maturity needs to be groomed in a young person.

If you have a situation where your child has taken offense or has judged others because they have been judged, you want to encourage them to forgive and let them know that we cannot change those who have hurt us.

Here is what you should say to them:

You: "Son/Daughter, we can’t change what Brandon (child peer) has said about you or how Brandon acts. But the thing we can do is change the way we act towards him. So, if you want God to bless and help you in the situation then you have to forgive Brandon for what he has done and said so that you can be blessed. God will deal with him for what he has done to you, but if you want God to bless you, then you must forgive. So, let’s pray right now.

The next step you will take is to say a prayer with your child. Have them ask God to forgive them for not forgiving the one who did the offense.


I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m pretty sure that I struggled with acceptance, identity, and body image as a young girl. I think if I would have been groomed differently I might have handled it different as a child. I know that there will be peer pressure for my kids when they get older but I think it’s important to teach them to value what they have. For example, if it’s cheap clothes, you can certainly make them look cute! I know a teacher where I work who always buys her clothes at consignment shops and thrift stores and guess what? She always looks adorable! Super cute! I always end up asking her where she got her outfits. I think there are steps you can take to help prevent issues kids have with their bodies.

Thanks for stopping by! Next week will be about People Skills. There are some adults that need to learn some people skills, so why not start teaching our kids! :)

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