Happy 9 Months Audrey!


I say this every month but I can’t believe how quickly time is flying. You will be one year old in three short months! You have the cutest little personality and we love watching it develop! (Bubba’s spider man is a good teething toy!)


You are wearing some 9 months clothes but mainly you are starting to wear your 12 months outfits. You have short legs but are a little chunker. You are wearing size 4 diapers. Miraculously you pretty much keep your bows on. Except if you are in your car seat…you some how find them and pull them down to your chin and chew on them. Especially the ones with feathers.

You love to eat. This is what your eating schedule looks like… Early A.M. bottle(4-6 oz.). Pureed fruit and cereal for breakfast. Bottle for mid morning nap (6 oz.). Pureed veggies and two pureed fruits. Bottle for afternoon nap (6 oz.). Yogurt bites or rice cracker for snack between afternoon nap and dinner time. Dinner time is one pureed veggie and two fruits again and a 4 oz. bottle to put you to bed.


You sleep in your crib from 6 P.M. to about 3 or 4 A.M. That’s when you get the early A.M. bottle. You are a good sleeper. :)

You just got your first tooth last weekend! (April 7th) It was the bottom left but the bottom right and the two top front teeth are close too!

You are SO very close to crawling. You manage to make your way around the living room by rolling but you are pulling your knees in and rocking like you will soon take off!


You definitely have a better connection with daddy and he is so much more fun that mommy but that’s a-ok. :) Tryp is finally starting to interact with  you and when he does you just stare at him in amazement. He is so busy and talks a lot and you are just soaking it all up. He already has plans to make you be a super hero with him. We will see how that goes. ;)

IMG_7982ccYou are always smiling sweet Audrey. Melting our hearts every single second. You are happy and we love that about you. You still love when we count 1, 2, 3 to you. And now when I feed you I say, “Aaaaahhh” for you to open your mouth and you always think that is funny. You are say “da da” “bah bah” “mah mah” but you are not associating those sounds to anything/anyone yet. They are just fun sounds for your mouth! :)

I don’t want to forget anything about your sweet babyhood. So I’m trying to document it all and I may forget a thing or two but I hope you can look back on this one day and enjoy it! We love you to pieces Audrey Mayne!

Daddy put your hair in a mohawk the other night after your bath…this is the result…


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  1. What a cutie! They do grow up sooo fast. I love how you document everything. That will be so nice to go back to later.