Amazing Weekend


I don’t even know where to begin.

Well, last weekend I had an amazing opportunity to attend a conference and meet some fellow bloggers! Of course after the weekend had passed I realized only Shaklee could do that. Only Shaklee would provide the opportunity for us moms to meet up and have a great time! We met in Long Beach, California. Where the skies are blue and the palms line the streets.


Each day was pretty busy but it was worth it! We started each morning off with the PERFECT breakfast. An apple and chocolate Cinch shake.


Then of course a few hours later we needed some coffee to keep us going! We lost sleep the whole weekend because it was pretty much like an adult slumber party. New friends means staying up late talking about EVERYTHING! :)


Here we all are on Saturday waiting to get into the conference! From left to right… Claire, Me, Connie, Kameron (Erin’s son), and Erin. Seriously some of the most amazing women ever!


Here is a cute picture I took of Emily. This is Connie’s daughter. She is A-dorable! :) She spent the days in the hotel with her aunt Morgan while we were learning TONS of new things at the conference.


When we would go to eat in the evening Emily was definitely the life of the party. Just down right sweet and funny too! Here is a picture of her and her momma dancing on the sidewalk while we were waiting to cross the street!


Erin’s son Kameron actually earned money just so he could come to the conference! He is only 9 years old! Here are some great pictures of him. Doesn’t he have BEAUTIFUL eyes?!!!


Unfortunately I didn’t get an individual picture of Connie but here is Erin and Claire. Two awesome moms and wonderful ladies! (Connie is of course an awesome mom too! ;))


And if you are wondering, “WHAT conference?!!” Well here is the awesome speaker we went to see. Dani Johnson.


I also can’t believe that today is April 1st?! Where is time going? My baby girl will be 9 months old in 11 days. WHAT?!

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  1. What great photos!! Looks like it was a fun conference.

  2. how fun and neat, too! i think i saw dani on oprah one time ;) neat lady!

  3. Great pictures! Looks like so much fun! :)