Parenting Tip Thursday (No.2)


Hey y’all!

First up I just want to say sorry for the lack of posting this week…I got strep throat Sunday night, went back to work on Wednesday.

Second, teaching is stressful. There, I said it. It’s hard on a person mentally, physically, and emotionally… I’m trying to push through to the end. How many days do we have left again? :)


I’m so glad that many of you enjoyed Parenting Tip Thursday (No.1) and welcome back.

Okay, so we looked at different type of personalities. Honestly, there are several different kinds but I love the gems the most. ;) What girl doesn’t like gems?!

A lot of you mentioned that your child or yourself falls under all of these categories and you are right, YOU (or they) will! You have to find the one that you are most dominant in and this has taken me several weeks to find that I’m STILL not sure if I am an emerald or a ruby.

Right now, I’m leaning more on the fact that Tryp is an Emerald. He loves solving puzzles and problems. He likes schedules and routines and will follow them automatically. He likes to be himself and he is VERY VERY confident. In fact, when I tell him something, he will often say (in his cute little four year old voice), “No, no mommy, it’s like this.”

So now that you have figured our your child or at least have a good idea about your child’s personality. What next? Well let’s talk about what motivates each personality.

First up is the Sapphire.

Remember they are loud, fun, and did I say loud and fun?!

This is the child that is going to put their toes on the line when you tell them not to cross the line. (Aren’t all children like that!? Ha!- Actually nope…)

They thrive on encouragement and the best way to motivate them is through teamwork.

This is the student that generally everyone likes and you could use this student to get the WHOLE class motivated about something.

These kiddos love to help, love recognition and love rewards.

Here are their weaknesses: (In the classroom or at home really)

-They have a hard time focusing.-They’re usually the daydreamers in the classroom.- They’re usually the ones talking and distracting everyone else in class.- Their schoolwork (and home items) are out of order and VERY messy.-They overreact when things don’t go right.-They are disorganized and late.

Instead of condemning them for their weaknesses, try to find ways to help them through those things. For example, teamwork doesn’t leave much room for focus issues and daydreaming. (team members keep them focused) Help them get a system that works for them to stay organized and on time. Reward them when they are successful. {They will never be an Emerald in organization.}


Next is the Pearl.

Refresher…these guys are the servers. Their heart is to fulfill the needs of people.

This is the angel child. Do they exist? :) I kid, I kid.

This is the child that stays way back from the line and obeys the first time when you tell them not to cross it.

They will not butt their heads up against authority and to get them motivated…helping people.


-They don’t like confrontation, so they’ll do anything to keep peace.-They have a tendency to become people-pleasers and have codependent relationships.-They get their feelings hurt really easily.-They are very sensitive especially to words.-They become sad when things don’t go right.-They have a tendency of being taken advantage of.

Teach them forgiveness. You will eventually have to teach them the difference between serving people and people pleasing.


Then we have the Emerald.

The perfectionists. The orderly ones that are confident, predictable and planners.

These guys are motivated by schedules, routines, and neat/cleanness.

They enjoy working alone and NOT in a group. They will do homework by themselves and rarely ask for help.

This is the child that stays a few inches from the line that you told them not to cross.


-They ARE perfectionists.-They want to have all their ducks in a row before they make a move.-They complain when things don’t go right.

Their weaknesses can lead to procrastination. Try to teach them that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Because I have some Emerald qualities in me I will tell you that I AM A PERFECTIONIST. I can’t get rid of it or slow it down but it has led to procrastination for me. BIG TIME. I notice with Tryp that when I tell him to finish something, he won’t rush to do it because it has to be perfect. Oh…but it does…and that bring me to the hard cold truth that it is indeed hard to remove.:)  


Finally…the Ruby.

Driven, authoritative, and dominating.

These guys are motivated by competing, being in charge, and winning.


-Control freaks if not taught correctly.-Get mad when things don’t go right.-Can be manipulative and pushy.-Can be perceived as arrogant and cocky.

These guys will need to be taught how to be teachable. Does that make sense? Often times Rubies think they know it all but in reality they need to do some learning and quit being super confident.

Because I have some Ruby qualities in myself I will tell you that control freak in me is hard to remove. I have learned to be teachable. Around the age of 19-21 I was not a teachable person. People got frustrated that worked with me so I made changes ;).


You can see that I have said what motivates each gem and what their weaknesses are. There is not always going to be a quick fix for every weakness but you CAN motivate them. This is KEY…

Don’t try to change your child. Learn how to motivate their strengths and train up their weaknesses so they are not 19 and struggling at work because people don’t like their over confidence. ;) Embrace the gems that are in your house.

If you have any questions you can ask away! I hope this has helped you learn even more about your child.

Come back next Thursday for a little lesson on Protection vs. Control.






  1. I hope you are feeling better! My little guy just turned 1 so it's hard to say which description he fits in to, but he is a precious gem to me (haha).

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I LOVE this! Did you find this somewhere or read about it? I know Gman tends to be one of those Pearls because he likes to keep peace and even please, but every now and then he'll be a Sapphire because he LOVES rewards....

  3. How many days do we have left? 47 with 14 of those being early outs. Not that I'm counting or anything...