Parenting Tip Thursday (No. 4)


Hi guys! :)
It’s time for our next parenting tip……on Spiritual Equipping.
Let me just remind everyone reading that a) I’m not the expert. b) I’m not even close to being the expert. c.) I’m not perfect and not even close. d.) I’m always still working on these “tips” with my kids (obviously they are still young!).
Spiritual equipping is all about teaching your kids whatever it is that you believe in spiritually. This will look different for many people.
Kids need to know who their God is and what He has done for His people throughout history.
Okay, so it may have been mentioned a time or two on this ole’ blog that I believe in God but I’ve not spent much time on the topic. People are really sensitive about it. I’m catering to other people who are reading. I know I shouldn’t but I do, guilty as charged.
Today is different. If you are reading, you now know…I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in God. I believe in the Holy Spirit. I read the Bible. I want my kids to grow up knowing what I know now. :)
Deuteronomy 4:9
Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.
1. They need to be exposed to God.
They need to know that God loves and accepts them. They need to know that God wants them to succeed. They really need to know that God is preparing them for something great and that He has a plan for them.
2. They need to listen for God.
Many people don’t think that God speaks to them. Many do. It’s a toss up. Our kids need to know that He does speak to them if they will listen.
3. They need to know that through Christ all things are possible.
As a teacher I hear kids saying all the time that they can’t. I can’t do this. I can’t do that. I have a no “can’t” rule in my classroom. So instead of saying I can’t they tell me that they do not understand and we work through it.
Tryp will tell me all the time that he can’t do something. It’s because he is starting to be lazy and wants me to do it. If I let him be lazy now at 4 years old that very nasty bad habit will stick with him. I always tell him that YES he can do it. He can because the bible tells him that he can. And I tell him Philippians 4:13 You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. He usually doesn’t argue with me about being able to do something after that.
4. They need to be taught the Word of God and armed with it.
They don’t just know about it. We listen to Bible stories in the car and Tryp LOVES it. I also use bible verses here and there around the house. This is something that I want to get better at. I also want to find a pre-school “curriculum” so to speak that will break big verses down into words and phrases that Tryp can understand. I want him to start learning them now. :)
5. They need to know how to serve.
Tryp does very well with helping clean around the house. He also does well in helping if you ask him to do something for you. In the future, I will continue to teach him how he can help others and not just around the house.
6. They need to know that God is not boring.
I think kids today think He is boring. Church can be boring for them. Think about it, they are constantly stimulated with games and movies and then you put them in church to sit and just listen. It’s hard for them. (Just like it’s hard for kids in school now!) I don’t think at this point that Tryp thinks God is boring but I’m sure the day will come and I want to keep him involved in church activities that are fun!
7. They need to be taught how to pray.
We pray every night with Tryp. It’s the same prayer every night which isn’t a true reflection of praying but he doesn’t yet have the concept of praying differently. This is an area to work on for sure!
8. They need to be protected from idolatry.
This is difficult. Our world is filled with it. I think you can protect your child from some of it though. We struggle right now with Tryp. He idolizes all the super heroes and wants to be just like them. I don’t mind it because he told me the other day that God is a hero too. :) We just have to teach our kids that those things aren’t always that important!

Next Week will be focused on Self-Image. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love this. We pray every night with our son and it's the best thing ever :) He even says "Ammmmen" at the end!

  2. I was just stopping by from Creating a House of Grace. I love this post. I have two girls and I grew up in the Church as well but after going away to college I still had God in my heart but never really found a church home. As my hubby and I started a family we attempted to visits churches and never really found one that made us feel as if we were home. Its nice that you are teaching your kiddos at an early age about the love of God. Well finally found a nice church home then something happened there with the pastor and made me very uncomfortable to stay there. I have continued to try my best to teach them what I know and encourage them to pray and read their bibles. Until one day we can find another place to call a church our home. Thanks for the post. New follower.

  3. Thanks for posting. My little guy just turned one so right now we are practicing to get him to fold his arms for prayer. He sees mommy and daddy bow our heads and prayers. I think it's so important to teach children about God. Most importantly, they learn by example.

  4. Hi Katie, I am so glad I found you from Creating a House of Grace! I was just talking about this with my sister-in-law and we teach our kids to pray and read the Bible to them. Even my 1 year son puts his hands together to's very sweet. She sings her little ones a bible verse so that it will be easier for them to memorize it. I myself have been trying to find a simple verse for my 4 year son. And after reading your blog I found one Matthew 19:26 "...with God all things are possible." Thank You!
    <3 UR Blog!

  5. Thank you Katie... You are reaching more people than you know. This is the most important post you will ever have on your blog and I know the Lord will bless you for taking a stand for Him. You are obeying His charge to you in training up your children in the way they should go and He promises that when they are old they will not depart from it. Thank you for caring enough to show others how very important this is.