Leprechaun Float


On Tuesday this past week my fourth graders earned all their ‘brownie points’ and were due for a behavior party. So being a short week and a half day on Thursday I planned our little “party” on Thursday after lunch. I made them all some Leprechaun Floats and sided with a St. Patrick’s day cookie. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures but I had left over materials so Thursday night I made a Leprechaun Float with my little man.

You will need:


Lime Sherbet



IMG_7667c*These are EXTREMELY easy to make and Tryp LOVED it! Just add some sprite to the sherbet.*

I promised my baby we would have a float after bath time. I love how his hair is still wet! I also love my clutter pile in the background on the counter. Does anyone else have issues with that? It seems like I get the counter clean and end up with a small pile within a day or two. Sheesh. :)

IMG_7668cHappy St. Patrick’s Day y’all!

(Also have a super Shaklee special today ONLY!!! If you are interested…leave a comment!)