How to Paint Your Own Razorback Canvas


Hi Y’all!

I have done several of these paintings for friends who are teachers and I don’t think I am really being all that creative but they turn out great! So, I thought I would share with you how to make your very own razorback painting (or any other kind!) too.

First thing is the supplies you will need.


-Canvas (this is 11x14)

-Paint (Red, Black, White)

-Paintbrushes (many different sizes)

-Paint pens (black but could use white too)

-Razorback magnet/sticker or print out a picture of a razorback and cut it out

-Polka Dot stencil or something round to use as a polka dot.


-Clear Acrylic Sealer (Not Pictured above but you will see later)

-Staple Gun (Not Pictured)

-Lighter (Not Pictured)


Step 1: Paint the canvas red. It took about four coats for me. It may take less for you, depends how thick you put it on and the type of paint and the red that you use. :)IMG_7709cc

Then I let it dry. This drying process really didn’t take long. I did it with the windows open and the fan blowing so it was dry in no time.

Step 2: Trace the razorback. I used a razorback magnet to trace and it didn’t quite fit on the canvas. (oops) But guess what? It actually looks great with a little missing! You’ll see. Perfection is not the key here.IMG_7719cc


Step 3: Start painting inside the lines. I chose to do white but you could easily change up any of these colors. You could do the background black with a red hog, whatever. It’s completely up to you! That’s the best part. Now, I know you may be thinking why didn’t you just leave the white canvas WHITE instead of painting over the red. Honestly, I’ve tried it before and I end up making LOTS of mistakes that are noticeable. This method works best for me. IMG_7725cc

This is only one coat.


This is after three. The best I think.


Step 4: Time for polka dots! Who doesn’t love polka dots?! For the longest time I was making my own polka dots. They weren’t too bad I might add but usually I ended up making them bigger than I wanted because I was trying to make them perfectly round. Insert stencil. It has helped me out. Tremendously. (I’m somewhat of a perfectionist so for me to tell you not to worry about it being perfect is a bunch of bull…it would drive me mad so if you like perfection then you make it perfect! For you!)


I have no rhyme or reason to the polka dots, just laid it down and traced. 3 different sizes. IMG_7734cc


Step 5: Stop and eat breakfast. Totally not on my diet here but man cheerios and bananas. YUM.


Step 6: Paint the polka dots! I chose black to keep the color scheme going. This was hard to take a picture of me doing BUT I did it. Just for you. :) Two coats to be exact. They make pretty black polka dots.


Step 7: Step back and admire your work so far. It’s coming along quite nicely.


Step 8: The hardest part. Add the wording. I normally do schwoopies and different styles of lettering but I chose to go simple on this one. I have no clue why. Just did. I also couldn’t take any action pictures of me or I would have made a complete mess of it. So here is a picture of the wording AFTER I did it. I didn’t use a stencil, that’s free hand. I try using pencil first but I usually mess up and should just go for it with the paint pen the first time around. Pencil doesn’t erase well off of white paint. (fyi)


Step 9: Clear coat it baby! I went outside and used a tv tray (my husbands favorite one to be exact). He wasn’t exactly thrilled. The first picture is what it looks like BEFORE clear coating.IMG_7757cc


You can see the shiny part, that’s with the clear coat. :)


Step 10 (Final): Use a staple gun to staple the ribbon on the back. You can see how I did that below……


And you will also need to use a lighter to finalize the edges of the ribbon or the fray and it sucks.


Then tie the ribbon how you like and VIOLA!



I am totally not an expert at this…but it is so much fun to do! If you end up making one please share with me! I love to see creations! :) (Especially ones that support our Hogs!)




  1. oh my goodness, i just love this!!! and i might have to try it myself!!! but i hate my handwriting :) yours looks so cute!!

    1. You can do it! :) I bet you are being hard on yourself about your handwriting!

  2. That's a very cute post on how to paint a razorback! I grew up in Fayetteville, but moved to Texas. I have been wanting to paint something like this for my parents who have recently moved into a retirement community in Fayetteville. It would be so cute on their door on game days! TFS!

    1. I would love to see your results! :)

  3. I did two of these for the signs in our school library to see how they would turn out, and they look Amazing! Will be completing the rest of them next week. We are doing a Razorback theme in our library...Hog Wild about Reading!

  4. Wow, the free hand lettering was hard. Turned out cute, I think.

  5. I have been asked to paint Razorbacks many times and wonder about copyright infringement. Do you know anything about using a copyrighted image in original artwork? Thank you.

  6. if you are selling razorback items you need a license. call the university

    1. Thank you for your comment, however, I have never sold any of the items I have made.