Home-Made Baby Food: Peas Edition


I have been a baby food making fool lately!

Next up on the list is PEAS! I’ve been meaning to make them for a while. We tried to buy them fresh from the produce section at our local grocery store (Wal-Mart, hahaha) and they were consistently “out”. I’m not sure what the right season is for peas and I’m not sure that I was thinking clearly because who in their right mind wants to pull peas out of a pod?! Not this lady!

Anyway, we ended up getting frozen which are just as good! Right?!

**This is SO cheap guys! (And healthy too!) Basically spent $1.88 for a bag of peas and what you see below…I did 3x to use the whole bag. I made 24 servings (two cubes per serving)! You know that when you buy Gerber that you are spending 1.00 for a pack of 2 which is either 2 or 4 servings depending on how much your child eats. If you have the time, this seriously is the cheapest way to go!**

Here we go…

First thing I did was add some water to my steamer and turn the heat on high to get that puppy going. Then when things started to get steamy I added the peas.

In this first picture the peas are still clumped together and you can see the frost.  

IMG_7558cBut then you’ll notice that the peas turn a lovely shade of green and actually look delicious! (I’m not really a big peas fan.)

IMG_7559cWhen they looked soft I removed the steamer basket from the boiling water.

IMG_7560cThen I scooped the peas out of the basket and put them into the food processor.

IMG_7561cIMG_7562cAnd then I did the easy part. Hit the on button.

IMG_7565cKeep puréeing until you see that mushy/liquid consistency. (I did have to add some of the boiled water to water them down a bit!)

IMG_7566cWe bought some cheap ice cube trays just to make baby food with! So I then filled up the tray and put the extra into a bowl to cool off.

IMG_7570cIMG_7568cFinally, feed the peas to the cutest baby you know! :)