Parenting Tip Thursday (No.5)



Today’s parenting tip is all about Self-Image. This is such a huge one and definitely an area that I need to focus on!

Life and death is in the power of the tongue.healthykids

This verse really explains how much what we speak really affects each other!

A healthy self-image for a child is hugely important, at all ages. How many of you were called awful, horrible names as a child? I constantly got made fun of for my teeth and TO THIS DAY I still am self conscious about my freaking teeth! How crazy that something like that would stick with me! I totally think that what you speak over your child will come to pass. So choose to speak life instead of death.

Proverbs 18:21

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.


They glean from your self-image.

little girl

-How you talk about yourself.

-How they see you eat.

-How much time you spend on yourself.

-How you will not leave the house until you are “perfect” or how you leave the house looking like a “slob”.

-A little girl’s self-image is formed by what a father says about her mother and what a mother says about herself.

-A little boy’s self-image is formed by how the mother speaks about the father and how the father speaks of himself.


Self-image is passed down.

This is not always true but just think of this example. If you had heavy-set parents and you made fun of them, chances are you will be anorexic or say, “Oh, well” and be heavy-set yourself. I think in these situations it can end up being extreme!

Decide not to let the media form the image of your child. Instead, you decide how your child should be groomed. Media these days can definitely ruin a little girl’s self-image. That’s why I am not really focused on my weight but by getting fit and healthy. I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be in shape!

Genesis 1:27

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him.



Boys and girls are prone to “become” what they choose to wear or what they choose not to wear.


If you have a child that is “all caught up” in a certain style of clothing and is completely fanatic about it-wants to feel good and has to wear those particular jeans, then there needs to be a talk about pride and idolatry! Their image is being caught up in idolatry, instead of being portrayed in the image of Christ.

You need to know that jeans are not the issue; the jeans show the “fruit” of what’s in the child’s heart. So where do these kids get this stuff? They get it from YOU! If you live in greed, they live in greed and YOU are setting them up for poverty.


If your kids have to have the best brands and have to be the “in thing”, and if your kids are asking for that, you have to ask yourself, why? Where does it lead to?

It leads to a “fix” that is temporary-a self-image that is temporary and not eternal. When everything ages and falls, so will their identity.

Matthew 6:28-29

And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.

If you catch your child being “caught up in” pride over a certain “look” you can use this script as a guide to confront their heart, not their clothing… remember protection…NOT control. :)

You: “Child’s Name”, you know that we love you and we believe in you and that God has such a great future for your life. We have had talks before that if we see something popping up in your life that could hurt your future, you’ve asked us to let you know.

So, we just want to make sure that your heart is not being captured by the enemy concerning your identity. Sometimes when we make something so important in our lives, like a pair of jeans or a certain look of clothing, that if our hearts are completely set up to where we only feel good in those clothes or that those clothes are all that matters to us, it shows that the enemy has slipped something in your heart that is going to be hurtful in the future.

So, just to make sure that hasn’t happened, why don’t we go ahead and lay those absolutely favorite jeans of yours down for a few days? This way we can prove to the enemy that it is not an issue for you. We know and believe that you have a heart for God and that you want a great future and that you don’t want your life to be complicated, so this is just a ways to say “NO” to the enemy just in case pride has risen up.

I do want to add that you may not agree with much of this but I want to share my own experience. I was raised with cheap clothes from thrift stores and I cared what people thought about what I wore but I definitely appreciate nice things more today. I honestly think that kids EXPECT everything that they have and we need to break that horrible cycle. We are teaching them to love name brands and to plan for future debt. I can’t speak for you but I know that I want something different for my children! :)


Thanks for joining again this week! Please check back for next week’s which will continue talking about Self-Image. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure you enter your email on the left on the side bar to receive free monthly printables from me! The first one will be going out on April 1st! :)

Jet Lag


I just want to apologize for the lack of posting. You may not even care. I do because I'm not following my schedule very well. You see, I just got back from California. I attended an amazing conference and got to meet some of the best ladies ever! (Only Shaklee could do that!) So I will resume blogging as normal tomorrow with my Parenting Tip Thursday. I'm trying to catch up on sleep. I'm have not been successful so far because life keeps going on when I'm trying to play catch up! I hope you are having a fabulous week so far. I can't wait to post about all the amazing things that have been happening lately!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Parenting Tip Thursday (No. 4)


Hi guys! :)
It’s time for our next parenting tip……on Spiritual Equipping.
Let me just remind everyone reading that a) I’m not the expert. b) I’m not even close to being the expert. c.) I’m not perfect and not even close. d.) I’m always still working on these “tips” with my kids (obviously they are still young!).
Spiritual equipping is all about teaching your kids whatever it is that you believe in spiritually. This will look different for many people.
Kids need to know who their God is and what He has done for His people throughout history.
Okay, so it may have been mentioned a time or two on this ole’ blog that I believe in God but I’ve not spent much time on the topic. People are really sensitive about it. I’m catering to other people who are reading. I know I shouldn’t but I do, guilty as charged.
Today is different. If you are reading, you now know…I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in God. I believe in the Holy Spirit. I read the Bible. I want my kids to grow up knowing what I know now. :)
Deuteronomy 4:9
Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.
1. They need to be exposed to God.
They need to know that God loves and accepts them. They need to know that God wants them to succeed. They really need to know that God is preparing them for something great and that He has a plan for them.
2. They need to listen for God.
Many people don’t think that God speaks to them. Many do. It’s a toss up. Our kids need to know that He does speak to them if they will listen.
3. They need to know that through Christ all things are possible.
As a teacher I hear kids saying all the time that they can’t. I can’t do this. I can’t do that. I have a no “can’t” rule in my classroom. So instead of saying I can’t they tell me that they do not understand and we work through it.
Tryp will tell me all the time that he can’t do something. It’s because he is starting to be lazy and wants me to do it. If I let him be lazy now at 4 years old that very nasty bad habit will stick with him. I always tell him that YES he can do it. He can because the bible tells him that he can. And I tell him Philippians 4:13 You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. He usually doesn’t argue with me about being able to do something after that.
4. They need to be taught the Word of God and armed with it.
They don’t just know about it. We listen to Bible stories in the car and Tryp LOVES it. I also use bible verses here and there around the house. This is something that I want to get better at. I also want to find a pre-school “curriculum” so to speak that will break big verses down into words and phrases that Tryp can understand. I want him to start learning them now. :)
5. They need to know how to serve.
Tryp does very well with helping clean around the house. He also does well in helping if you ask him to do something for you. In the future, I will continue to teach him how he can help others and not just around the house.
6. They need to know that God is not boring.
I think kids today think He is boring. Church can be boring for them. Think about it, they are constantly stimulated with games and movies and then you put them in church to sit and just listen. It’s hard for them. (Just like it’s hard for kids in school now!) I don’t think at this point that Tryp thinks God is boring but I’m sure the day will come and I want to keep him involved in church activities that are fun!
7. They need to be taught how to pray.
We pray every night with Tryp. It’s the same prayer every night which isn’t a true reflection of praying but he doesn’t yet have the concept of praying differently. This is an area to work on for sure!
8. They need to be protected from idolatry.
This is difficult. Our world is filled with it. I think you can protect your child from some of it though. We struggle right now with Tryp. He idolizes all the super heroes and wants to be just like them. I don’t mind it because he told me the other day that God is a hero too. :) We just have to teach our kids that those things aren’t always that important!

Next Week will be focused on Self-Image. Thanks for stopping by!

How to Paint Your Own Razorback Canvas


Hi Y’all!

I have done several of these paintings for friends who are teachers and I don’t think I am really being all that creative but they turn out great! So, I thought I would share with you how to make your very own razorback painting (or any other kind!) too.

First thing is the supplies you will need.


-Canvas (this is 11x14)

-Paint (Red, Black, White)

-Paintbrushes (many different sizes)

-Paint pens (black but could use white too)

-Razorback magnet/sticker or print out a picture of a razorback and cut it out

-Polka Dot stencil or something round to use as a polka dot.


-Clear Acrylic Sealer (Not Pictured above but you will see later)

-Staple Gun (Not Pictured)

-Lighter (Not Pictured)


Step 1: Paint the canvas red. It took about four coats for me. It may take less for you, depends how thick you put it on and the type of paint and the red that you use. :)IMG_7709cc

Then I let it dry. This drying process really didn’t take long. I did it with the windows open and the fan blowing so it was dry in no time.

Step 2: Trace the razorback. I used a razorback magnet to trace and it didn’t quite fit on the canvas. (oops) But guess what? It actually looks great with a little missing! You’ll see. Perfection is not the key here.IMG_7719cc


Step 3: Start painting inside the lines. I chose to do white but you could easily change up any of these colors. You could do the background black with a red hog, whatever. It’s completely up to you! That’s the best part. Now, I know you may be thinking why didn’t you just leave the white canvas WHITE instead of painting over the red. Honestly, I’ve tried it before and I end up making LOTS of mistakes that are noticeable. This method works best for me. IMG_7725cc

This is only one coat.


This is after three. The best I think.


Step 4: Time for polka dots! Who doesn’t love polka dots?! For the longest time I was making my own polka dots. They weren’t too bad I might add but usually I ended up making them bigger than I wanted because I was trying to make them perfectly round. Insert stencil. It has helped me out. Tremendously. (I’m somewhat of a perfectionist so for me to tell you not to worry about it being perfect is a bunch of bull…it would drive me mad so if you like perfection then you make it perfect! For you!)


I have no rhyme or reason to the polka dots, just laid it down and traced. 3 different sizes. IMG_7734cc


Step 5: Stop and eat breakfast. Totally not on my diet here but man cheerios and bananas. YUM.


Step 6: Paint the polka dots! I chose black to keep the color scheme going. This was hard to take a picture of me doing BUT I did it. Just for you. :) Two coats to be exact. They make pretty black polka dots.


Step 7: Step back and admire your work so far. It’s coming along quite nicely.


Step 8: The hardest part. Add the wording. I normally do schwoopies and different styles of lettering but I chose to go simple on this one. I have no clue why. Just did. I also couldn’t take any action pictures of me or I would have made a complete mess of it. So here is a picture of the wording AFTER I did it. I didn’t use a stencil, that’s free hand. I try using pencil first but I usually mess up and should just go for it with the paint pen the first time around. Pencil doesn’t erase well off of white paint. (fyi)


Step 9: Clear coat it baby! I went outside and used a tv tray (my husbands favorite one to be exact). He wasn’t exactly thrilled. The first picture is what it looks like BEFORE clear coating.IMG_7757cc


You can see the shiny part, that’s with the clear coat. :)


Step 10 (Final): Use a staple gun to staple the ribbon on the back. You can see how I did that below……


And you will also need to use a lighter to finalize the edges of the ribbon or the fray and it sucks.


Then tie the ribbon how you like and VIOLA!



I am totally not an expert at this…but it is so much fun to do! If you end up making one please share with me! I love to see creations! :) (Especially ones that support our Hogs!)



Leprechaun Float


On Tuesday this past week my fourth graders earned all their ‘brownie points’ and were due for a behavior party. So being a short week and a half day on Thursday I planned our little “party” on Thursday after lunch. I made them all some Leprechaun Floats and sided with a St. Patrick’s day cookie. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures but I had left over materials so Thursday night I made a Leprechaun Float with my little man.

You will need:


Lime Sherbet



IMG_7667c*These are EXTREMELY easy to make and Tryp LOVED it! Just add some sprite to the sherbet.*

I promised my baby we would have a float after bath time. I love how his hair is still wet! I also love my clutter pile in the background on the counter. Does anyone else have issues with that? It seems like I get the counter clean and end up with a small pile within a day or two. Sheesh. :)

IMG_7668cHappy St. Patrick’s Day y’all!

(Also have a super Shaklee special today ONLY!!! If you are interested…leave a comment!)

Parenting Tip Thursday (No. 3)




Hey y’all! Welcome back to Parenting Tip Thursday!

So last week I posted about how to motivate your child. Seriously try to find ways to do it to suit their personality, it will make everything so much easier!

Today I am going to lay out the difference between protection and control.

I am totally going to admit this…I am a control freak. There. I said it. I try to just let things go but I “think” that things run smoother if I control it. I’m honestly getting so much better. :)

So here we go…

Protection vs. Control


Sets the next generation up for SUCCESS! The reason you want to protect them is so they have the best percentage shot at success.

Protection sets them up to be honorable and to honor.

If you REALLY are protecting, then you will explain and help them come up with solutions for their protection, instead of being a dictator and commanding it over them.


Sets the next generation up for REBELLION. Control is a dictator. It’s “my way or the highway” mentality. That’s a great way to get your children to rebel and hate you. In other words, you don’t set up stupid rules that serve no purpose.

Control sets them up to run away.

{Over-protection is fear-based and is a form of unhealthy control.}


Honestly, this is one of those things that is VERY difficult. The last thing I want is to have my kids rebel one day. I think the key difference between protection and control is the way it is communicated. Right now I know that I do things for Tryp to protect him but his four year old rationale and mind set do not understand that yet. I know that I need to work on how I communicate my protection because it can come across as control.

Have you been controlling? In what ways?

Do you think it’s possible to be over-protective? In what ways?

Come back next week Spiritual Equipping! :)

Happy 8 Months, Audrey!


IMG_7643cDear Audrey,

     Where has the time gone? I can’t believe that you are already 8 months old!(Technically on Monday…but at least I’m early this month and not late!) You are seriously the happiest baby I have ever known. Every day your daddy and I talk about how happy you are. Of course this makes US happy!

You are still wearing size 3 diapers (our favorite brand is the Huggies Little Movers) and you are wearing 9 months clothes. I don’t know the the exact on how much you weigh but I bet it’s at least 20 lbs. (2 months ago-at 6 months- you were 17 lbs.)

You love to eat. We love making your baby food. So far we have made you squash, carrots, green beans, peas, pears, apples, and bananas. You love fruit more than veggies but you are still such a good eater. I have been giving you Baby Mum Mum crackers lately and you love them and usually end up making a mess with them.

IMG_7620cIMG_7623cWe have also been putting strawberries and blueberries in this little food net thingy. (I have no idea what it’s official name is.) You LOVE strawberries. You are still having bottles and according to the grocery bill you are still consuming formula like CRAZY! How weird it is to think that in just four short months you will be able to have cows milk. It still blows my mind how quickly this time has gone.

You are rolling EVERYWHERE. You are not crawling yet but you might as well be because I look up one minute and you are not even close to where  I put you. You can sit up but end up leaning forward quite a bit. We are working on that. :) You also LOVE to stand up. So we do a lot of standing. You love all your toys and are content to lay and play for a while. Your favorite toy is this blue mushy toy that has different colored balls on the ends. It’s weird and I think GG might have gotten it for Tryp at some point so I disinfected it (with some Basic G) and gave it to you. You love it!

IMG_7645cAnd something else you LOVE…baths. Audrey, I can’t think of many things that you don’t love but you do enjoy bath time with daddy. We got you some new bath toys in your Valentine’s Day bag and you love to chew on them during bath. I look forward to the day when you can sit in the bath tub. IMG_7651cIMG_7657cIMG_7661c

The most recent thing that has happened…you are now sleeping in your crib! Yes, you spent 7.5 months sleeping in between mommy and daddy. One Saturday night, mommy and daddy went on a date (Market Place Grill and Wal Mart to do grocery shopping) and your Nana Joyce put you to bed in your crib instead of our bed. You didn’t fight it, you didn’t cry, and I was so worried that you would. I just KNEW that switching you from our bed to your crib was going to be a long nightmare but it wasn’t. You transitioned so well and now you sleep in your crib for naps and bedtime. Sometimes we talk about how we miss snuggling you in our bed but it’s really for the best that you are in a crib. It’s safer and we can all get some good restful sleep. :)

We love watching you grow Audrey. We look forward to seeing you accomplish new milestones. I’m already looking forward to adding another baby to our family (in a few years) because of what a sweet blessing you have been. We love you so very much.


                                                                                       Love you,

                                                                            Mommy, Daddy, and Tryper

Parenting Tip Thursday (No.2)


Hey y’all!

First up I just want to say sorry for the lack of posting this week…I got strep throat Sunday night, went back to work on Wednesday.

Second, teaching is stressful. There, I said it. It’s hard on a person mentally, physically, and emotionally… I’m trying to push through to the end. How many days do we have left again? :)


I’m so glad that many of you enjoyed Parenting Tip Thursday (No.1) and welcome back.

Okay, so we looked at different type of personalities. Honestly, there are several different kinds but I love the gems the most. ;) What girl doesn’t like gems?!

A lot of you mentioned that your child or yourself falls under all of these categories and you are right, YOU (or they) will! You have to find the one that you are most dominant in and this has taken me several weeks to find that I’m STILL not sure if I am an emerald or a ruby.

Right now, I’m leaning more on the fact that Tryp is an Emerald. He loves solving puzzles and problems. He likes schedules and routines and will follow them automatically. He likes to be himself and he is VERY VERY confident. In fact, when I tell him something, he will often say (in his cute little four year old voice), “No, no mommy, it’s like this.”

So now that you have figured our your child or at least have a good idea about your child’s personality. What next? Well let’s talk about what motivates each personality.

First up is the Sapphire.

Remember they are loud, fun, and did I say loud and fun?!

This is the child that is going to put their toes on the line when you tell them not to cross the line. (Aren’t all children like that!? Ha!- Actually nope…)

They thrive on encouragement and the best way to motivate them is through teamwork.

This is the student that generally everyone likes and you could use this student to get the WHOLE class motivated about something.

These kiddos love to help, love recognition and love rewards.

Here are their weaknesses: (In the classroom or at home really)

-They have a hard time focusing.-They’re usually the daydreamers in the classroom.- They’re usually the ones talking and distracting everyone else in class.- Their schoolwork (and home items) are out of order and VERY messy.-They overreact when things don’t go right.-They are disorganized and late.

Instead of condemning them for their weaknesses, try to find ways to help them through those things. For example, teamwork doesn’t leave much room for focus issues and daydreaming. (team members keep them focused) Help them get a system that works for them to stay organized and on time. Reward them when they are successful. {They will never be an Emerald in organization.}


Next is the Pearl.

Refresher…these guys are the servers. Their heart is to fulfill the needs of people.

This is the angel child. Do they exist? :) I kid, I kid.

This is the child that stays way back from the line and obeys the first time when you tell them not to cross it.

They will not butt their heads up against authority and to get them motivated…helping people.


-They don’t like confrontation, so they’ll do anything to keep peace.-They have a tendency to become people-pleasers and have codependent relationships.-They get their feelings hurt really easily.-They are very sensitive especially to words.-They become sad when things don’t go right.-They have a tendency of being taken advantage of.

Teach them forgiveness. You will eventually have to teach them the difference between serving people and people pleasing.


Then we have the Emerald.

The perfectionists. The orderly ones that are confident, predictable and planners.

These guys are motivated by schedules, routines, and neat/cleanness.

They enjoy working alone and NOT in a group. They will do homework by themselves and rarely ask for help.

This is the child that stays a few inches from the line that you told them not to cross.


-They ARE perfectionists.-They want to have all their ducks in a row before they make a move.-They complain when things don’t go right.

Their weaknesses can lead to procrastination. Try to teach them that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Because I have some Emerald qualities in me I will tell you that I AM A PERFECTIONIST. I can’t get rid of it or slow it down but it has led to procrastination for me. BIG TIME. I notice with Tryp that when I tell him to finish something, he won’t rush to do it because it has to be perfect. Oh…but it does…and that bring me to the hard cold truth that it is indeed hard to remove.:)  


Finally…the Ruby.

Driven, authoritative, and dominating.

These guys are motivated by competing, being in charge, and winning.


-Control freaks if not taught correctly.-Get mad when things don’t go right.-Can be manipulative and pushy.-Can be perceived as arrogant and cocky.

These guys will need to be taught how to be teachable. Does that make sense? Often times Rubies think they know it all but in reality they need to do some learning and quit being super confident.

Because I have some Ruby qualities in myself I will tell you that control freak in me is hard to remove. I have learned to be teachable. Around the age of 19-21 I was not a teachable person. People got frustrated that worked with me so I made changes ;).


You can see that I have said what motivates each gem and what their weaknesses are. There is not always going to be a quick fix for every weakness but you CAN motivate them. This is KEY…

Don’t try to change your child. Learn how to motivate their strengths and train up their weaknesses so they are not 19 and struggling at work because people don’t like their over confidence. ;) Embrace the gems that are in your house.

If you have any questions you can ask away! I hope this has helped you learn even more about your child.

Come back next Thursday for a little lesson on Protection vs. Control.





Home-Made Baby Food: Peas Edition


I have been a baby food making fool lately!

Next up on the list is PEAS! I’ve been meaning to make them for a while. We tried to buy them fresh from the produce section at our local grocery store (Wal-Mart, hahaha) and they were consistently “out”. I’m not sure what the right season is for peas and I’m not sure that I was thinking clearly because who in their right mind wants to pull peas out of a pod?! Not this lady!

Anyway, we ended up getting frozen which are just as good! Right?!

**This is SO cheap guys! (And healthy too!) Basically spent $1.88 for a bag of peas and what you see below…I did 3x to use the whole bag. I made 24 servings (two cubes per serving)! You know that when you buy Gerber that you are spending 1.00 for a pack of 2 which is either 2 or 4 servings depending on how much your child eats. If you have the time, this seriously is the cheapest way to go!**

Here we go…

First thing I did was add some water to my steamer and turn the heat on high to get that puppy going. Then when things started to get steamy I added the peas.

In this first picture the peas are still clumped together and you can see the frost.  

IMG_7558cBut then you’ll notice that the peas turn a lovely shade of green and actually look delicious! (I’m not really a big peas fan.)

IMG_7559cWhen they looked soft I removed the steamer basket from the boiling water.

IMG_7560cThen I scooped the peas out of the basket and put them into the food processor.

IMG_7561cIMG_7562cAnd then I did the easy part. Hit the on button.

IMG_7565cKeep puréeing until you see that mushy/liquid consistency. (I did have to add some of the boiled water to water them down a bit!)

IMG_7566cWe bought some cheap ice cube trays just to make baby food with! So I then filled up the tray and put the extra into a bowl to cool off.

IMG_7570cIMG_7568cFinally, feed the peas to the cutest baby you know! :)