What gets YOU out of bed every morning?


These three people get ME out of bed every morning…and I don’t mean literally. ;)

This was really a tough question for me. I thought to myself, what DOES get me out of bed? At first I really didn’t know…I just get out of bed because I have to. Then when I started thinking a little deeper about it, I realized how much of an impact these three people have on my life. Including getting out of bed.

My husband continually works hard for our family and my job is to show him appreciation.IMG_7222cAnd my kids…

Well, they NEED me. And I NEED them. They help me to be a better person. They motivate me to do what’s best for them and for myself.IMG_7425cIMG_7464c


Have you taken the time to think about what gets YOU out of bed each morning?

It may not be your husband or your kids. It could be something completely different like your own parents or your best friend who needs you or your job which affects so many lives.

Think about it. :)


  1. I love this! And I LOVE all three of those pictures!! Especially the ones of the kids, so so soooo good!!! I can't wait to snuggle that precious girl today! And I need to see my Tryper soon!